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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spotlight on Teen Model Nikky MacLeod!

Nikky MacLeod
This past weekend Barbizon models auditioned for an Aloxxi hair show in Wisconsin. Nikky MacLeod was a chosen model for the show. Nikky graduated from Barbizon Midwest in February of 2011 and was kind enough to check in with us about her Barbizon and Aloxxi experience!

What did you gain from your Barbizon Midwest experience?

"Confidence! A lot of confidence. New friends and great memories."

What have you been doing since graduating Barbizon?

"High school life kept me busy till now that I'm starting college. I was a part of my school's rugby team and we placed fourth at the nation tournament this past May."

How was the Aloxxi Hair Show this past weekend?

"It was wonderful! The stylists were fun and I made friends with all the other models. I ended up with hair I'm in love with. It could not have gone better."

Check out these stunning photos from the show!

What advice would you offer to current Barbizon Midwest students and graduates?

"Be professional, but don't forget to have fun, especially if the stylist or whoever is trying to have some fun with you! They will be grateful and offer you more opportunities."

Thanks so much for checking in with us, Nikky! You look beautiful and we LOVE your hair! 

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