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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Trump Model Brittany Hollis Fashion Gone Rogue - From Fendi to Vogue

Barbizon Midwest is very proud of Brittany Hollis who is a Barbizon Harrisburg, PA graduate and has been so busy around the world we have barely been able to keep up with her. Currently she is represtened by Trump Model Management and here are just a few photos and a video from what she has been up to.

"Color Lesson"
Model Brittany Hollis/Photographer Jeff Tse

"Creative Chaos"
Model Brittany Hollis
"Creative Chaos"
Model Brittany Hollis

"Feathers Taken by Beauty"
Model Brittany Hollis/Photographer Jeff Tse

Model Brittany Hollis/Photographer Stefan Gifthaler
Models Brittany Hollis and Magda Langrova are on the set for the Fullah Sugah Photoshoot

Brittany, Barbizon Midwest is in awe of your accomplishments and we look forward to seeing more of you!

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

3 Facts You Want to Know about Barbizon Midwest Michael Adrian

You may remember Barbizon Midwest Minneapolis graduate Michael Adrian from his starring role as the gay conservative student, acting alongside Joel McHale and Chevy Chase, on the hit television show "Community!"or even perhaps his appearances on "Victorious" and "Cold Case."But, we've got three juicy details you may not know.
Barbizon Midwest Minneapolis Michael Adrian
2009 Winner for Junior Male Model AND Actor
1.) Michael Adrian is also a professional Ballroom Dancer and Instructor.

2.) Michael also has a  music video available on iTunes. Storyline: Dancers prep for the making of a music video dancing the Cha-Cha, Dancing with the Stars Style. See what happens behind the scenes when one of the dancers has a daydream of a romantic rendezvous with the choreographer.

3.) Michael is not only an actor, but a writer for the series "Monday, Wednesday, Friday."

More episodes available on Youtube or the official Monday, Wednesday, Friday website:

Michael Adrian, Barbizon Midwest could not be prouder to see you taking advantage of every possible opportunity, as you are a true role model to current students proving where life can take you when you truly work and dedicate yourself. 

Stay tuned in for more of Michael's successes.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

A "Cutting Edge" interview with Independent Filmmaker Austin Buhman

Barbizon Midwest is captivated by current Omaha student, Austin Buhman, who is our film ethusiast actively pursuing his dreams by beginning production on his film, "The Final Cut." Although unable to reveal too many intimate details, Austin did take the time to speak with us about his classic slasher.
Written and Directed by Austin Buhman
In collaboration with Minnie Cooks, Joseph George, and Alexandria Whited

Immersed with horror and suspense, Writer and Director, Austin Buhman relays, "The film follows employees of a movie theater during a lock in, but with a fatal mysterious death to an employee, the theater goes on massive lock down as one by one people die. Secrets are spilled and friendships are tested. There may be one killer or multiple killers, you never know."

Austin, who has always wanted to be in a movie, has an interesting backstory for the films inspiration. "Four of us were standing around late after work and we started talking about movies and our favorite actors and we suddenly came up with the idea of making a movie."

Austin continues about the original surrealism, but after the friends actually met and planned it out, they knew it would happen. Though summer rolled around and people unable to commit delayed filming Austin states, "Now it's for real and I'm super excited about it. Dreams are coming true here."

In pursuit of festivals, Karena Steir (Austin's teacher at Barbizon), is helping his search and connecting him with quite a few links.

Perhaps our favorite part of speaking with Austin was hearing his loyalty and humbleness first hand as he said, "No matter what happens I would like Alexandria Whited, Joseph George, and Minnie Cooks to be noted as creators of the movie. They helped me come up with the idea, plot, setting and deaths. The only thing I did was write the screenplay. Even though they won't be in the movie anymore they deserve just as much credit as I do."

Other thanks that Austin would also like to extend are to:
  • Ashley Chafin, for helping with casting and producing.
  • Robin Ann, who is currently the manager at Scary Acres Haunted House and will be helping with make-up. "Anything nasty, bloody, guts or gory, praise Robin for her amazing work."

Finally, Austin would like to thank Barbizon Midwest for their acceptance, and his friends who are helping him and "It wouldn't be awesome without them."His main hopes are "When the film is finished people will enjoy it as much as he will have enjoyed making it." 

Austin, thank you for your interview and we wish you all the best filming. Be sure to stay in touch with us through out production!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Barbizon Midwest Katrina Hoernig Fashion Forward

When we last saw Barbizon Midwest graduate, Katrina Hoernig, she became the favorite of designer Marc Jacobs, showcasing on runways of NYC, Paris and Milan, profiles for designer Charlotte Ronson, and graced covers of Velvet and Riviera magazines. Well, here's where she can be spotted these days...
As the Crow Flies/Photography and Art Direction Fionna Quinn/Styling Kiri Donaldson
Regarding the Fashion Editorial, Fiona Quinn writes, "When I first saw Katrina I knew she would be perfect for this shoot with her amazing pale skin and icy blue eyes as I needed someone who could pull off the strong darker look I had in mind for winter whilst still keep it beautiful.

Model Katrina Hoernig
Remix Australia Cover Sept. 2012

Model Katrina Hoernig for the Kevin Murphy Campaign

Kevin Murphy is a fashion-focused range of salon only, professional hair care products created by Kevin to meet his needs as an editorial stylist.

Kowtow - Summer 13 - Obsessive Minimalism

Check out Katrina Hoernig and Kowtow fashion at

Katrina, your captivating beauty is inspiring!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Barbizon Midwest Holly Ridings Still "Walking the Walk!"

It has been awhile since we checked in with Barbizon Midwest Schaumburg, IL graduate Holly Ridings, so let's see how she's doing. Just as a reminder Holly was awarded Ms Barbizon International 2000 and you may recognize her from Lifetime's "Project Runway Season 7" and "Models of the Runway."
Designer Emilio Sosa won Episode 1, Season 7 with this dress.

Today she can be seen stomping runways for designers like Mila Hermanovski...
MILA Fall 2012 collection, Look #7, greyscale asymmetric silk dress

Shining on the Red Carpet...
Holly Ridings in support of The Legions of Hope Charity
And reviving the the famous photo shoot of Marilyn Monroe in the white halter dress from the 1955 film "The Seven Year Itch."
Just last week, Holly shot the cover for Tantalum Magazine. Congratulations Holly! We can't wait for the cover!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Barbizon Midwest Oana Gregory - "Crash Landing!"

Disney XD's live-action "bro-comedy" series, "Crash & Bernstein," premiere episode, "Crash Lands" airs at 8:30 p.m., ET/PT Monday, October 8th.

Wyatt Bernstein (Cole Jensen) is reluctantly taken to a Build-A-Beastie store for his birthday, and while there, creates a boy filled version of a Beastie, a puppet he names Crash, who comes to life as the brother he always wanted.

Crash finds Wyatt living in a household of sisters, including popular 16 year-old Amanda (Oana Gregory), fashion-forward middle sister Cleo (Landry Bender), and assertive 6-year-old Jasmine (McKenna Grace), so he comes up with a plan to help Wyatt get his own room. But Crash's plan soon backfires, jeopardizing the relationship with his new brother.
Above (Left to Right): Mckenna Grace (Jasmine), Oana Gregory (Amanda), Cole Jensen (Wyatt), Mary Birdsong (Mel a.k.a Mom), & Landry Bender (Cleo)

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Barbizon Midwest's Christian Kramme knows "How to Rock"

Don't miss Barbizon Midwest's Christian Kramme tomorrow portraying Phil on Nickelodeon's "How to Rock: How to Rock a Singing Telegram" airing at 9PM eastern time!
Christian Kramme is the younger brother of actor Connor Kramme, also a Barbizon Midwest graduate. Christian is a T.V., film, and theater actor who moved from Iowa to California in 2007 to pursue his acting dreams and it seems he doing just that.

You can also see Christian Kramme on "CSI:NY" (14 Year-Old Jay Carver), in shorts such as, "Eddie Puzynski" (Eddie Puzynski), "Ima" (Hitler youth), and "The History of Spaceflight" (Nick).

For Christian's full biography click IMDB

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Barbizon Midwest's Sara Niemietz "At Last"

When we last checked in with Barbizon Schaumburg graduate Sara Niemietz she was brightening our spirits on "Glee."  Sara released her new EP of original material, Push Play on June 14, 2012. Music Under Fire referred to her track "Anomala" as "Reminisent of contemporary greats such as Sara Bareilles and Regina Spektor."

Just three days ago Sara Niemietz unveiled her soulful and spirited sound once again on her live cover of Etta James' "At Last."

Recently, B.J. Thomas invited her to record on his new record, due out in the Spring of 2013. Her writing and singing also appear in the end titles of several new films: "Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Conspiracy," "In the Key of Eli," and "Stetson: Street Dog of Park City."

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