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Friday, August 31, 2012

Barbizon Midwest's Lilia Anaya is American Eagle's Next Top Model!

Barbizon Midwest graduate Lilia Anaya was recently in the running to become a model for American Eagle!  Lilia entered a sweepstakes on the company's website where she took pictures of herself modeling American Eagle jeans and answered questions about herself, like where she lives, where she wants to live and some of her dreams for the future!  The winner of the contest gets to model American Eagle jeans and $2500 in scholarship money for college.

As a finalist, Lilia found a great new fan base and was quickly a popular candidate!  Best of luck goes out to Lilia in this contest, and look for her in future modeling campaigns- she's a talented model who's got big plans!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Barbizon's Rebecca Potts Sings With Train!

Barbizon's very own Rebecca Potts recently had the chance of a lifetime when she got to sing onstage at a concert for the hit band Train!  Rebecca, a 2009 Barbizon graduate from Pennsylvania,  recorded a cover of the song "Bruises" and sent it to Train on Twitter.  The song is supposed to be a duet with the singer Ashley Monroe, but she was unable to accompany them on the tour. Train loved Rebecca's version and quickly messaged her to ask if she'd be coming to any upcoming concerts, and they asked her to sing the song with them in front of nearly 14,000 people at the concert at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia!

Rebecca said of the experience, "I wanted to thank you for all of the experience and training that Barbizon gave me... I have certainly used it!"  After several interviews with local newspapers and news stations, not only was Rebecca's talent for singing obvious, but so was her professionalism!  She said, "My mom commented on how natural I am at interviews and I believe that my training at Barbizon gave me the confidence and poise that I need to nail them!  Thank you so much!"  Rebecca is sure to have many more great opportunities in the future!  In the meantime, click the link below to check out her duet onstage with Train!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Barbizon Midwest's Jen Dau Signs With a New York Agency!

Barbizon Midwest's very own Jen Dau is living a modeling dream in New York!  Following her Barbizon graduation, Jen went to IMTA 2012 and didn't look back!  New York Models just signed her, and she's already generating buzz in the modeling community.  With pictures on social networking sites like Tumblr and Instagram, her photos are quickly being shared and praised by photographers, bloggers and many professionals in the modeling industry!

New York Models has expressed tons of enthusiasm over having signed Jen, and with all her great work so far and the industry's interest in her talent, she's already a huge fixture in the modeling world with more great work to come!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Barbizon Midwest's Nicole Dreger Sets New York Abuzz With Her Acting Talent!

Barbizon Midwest's Nicole Dreger had the opportunity of a lifetime this summer when she got to spend a month at the New York Conservatory studying acting!  Nicole, a 2011 graduate, left her hometown of Rockford, Illinois to go to the Big Apple on a scholarship she won through Barbizon!  Nicole said that while she was nervous at first, she immediately fell in love with the city when she arrived and had a blast during her time there.  While studying at the Conservatory, Nicole took classes in film and television, acting, movement/stage combat, improv and voice.  "It was so surreal walking the streets of New York!" said Nicole.  "I couldn't believe that I was actually there!"

Nicole had fun exploring the city on weekends, when she got to go to famous places like Central Park and Times Square, and she even got to see a show on Broadway!  She also had a cool celebrity sighting, when she found Amy Poehler, of "Saturday Night Live" and "Parks and Recreation", and Paul Rudd, from "Anchorman" and "Role Models", filming a movie right outside her dorm!  Nicole made lasting friendships with her fellow students, and her experienced teachers praised her work and loved working with her.  With such a great start to her acting career, you're sure to spot Nicole in hit movies and TV shows in no time!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Barbizon Midwest's Erica Barlament Shows Off Her Talent All Over the World!

Barbizon Midwest's Erica Barlament is having a busy summer!  This actress has been in high demand for her talent.  At eight years old, Erica, who is from Brillion, Wisconsin,just auditioned for a Build-A-Bear commercial, a Busch Gardens commercial and even an independent movie that will be shot in Thailand!  After IMTA, she received 19 callbacks and is continuing her successes with many awards!

Currently, Erica is in the top 10 candidates to win the Child Actor and Model of the Year Award.  So far, she has been winning many awards for her awesome acting and modeling work.  Erica may be young, but she has a lot of talent and it's getting her noticed.  Before you know it, Erica Barlament will be a household name!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Barbizon Midwest's Breanna Lynn Uses Her Talent to Make the World a Better Place!

Barbizon Midwest's Breanna Lynn is a great singer, and this fall she'll be using her voice to change lives!  Breanna will be performing on the Starbucks stage at the Adams Street Fair in San Diego in front of 80,000 people.  Along with her performace, Breanna will be launching her anti-bullying campaign, called "Break the Chain Campaign, 2012", in Los Angeles schools with the start of the new school year.  Fans and students are all proud of Breanna's hard work and the way she's taking a stand against bullying, and her campaign is sure to help students become more confident and respectful of themselves and their peers!

Breanna has been a rising star in the music world for several years.  Her album, titled "Breanna Lynn", was released earlier this year and has already been a big hit!  Along with her singing, this Barbizon Schaumburg graduate has been in the animated film "Dorothy of Oz" and the hit TV show "Sons of Tucson"!  Breanna has a great career so far and things are sure to get better!  Be sure to go to her website,, and follow her on Twitter at @brelynnmusic to keep up with the latest news on all of her awesome work!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Barbizon Midwest's Oana Gregory: Update!

A few weeks ago, we told you about Oana Gregory's awesome work on the Disney XD show "Crash & Bernstein" as Amanda and the film festival hit "Spork".  Oana has recently starred in a couple more Disney XD shows.  She was featured in two episodes of "Lab Rats", a show about smart student named Leo who befriends three bionic teens.  Oana also had a featured role in three episodes of "Kickin' It", a show about students of a struggling karate dojo who are trying to improve their practice space, skills and lives.

Oana is already a Disney XD sensation with even more talent just waiting for her next role.  Be sure to look for Oana on "Crash & Bernstein" and check back with us soon to see what else she's been up to!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Barbizon Midwest's Carolina Davis is On Her Way to the Top!

Barbizon Midwest's Carolina Davis is a musical sensation!  You've seen her here in the Barbizon Midwest blog before, and she's gotten so much accomplished in the short amount of time since our last post that we can't wait to share all her new accomplishments with you!

In 2010, Carolina recorded her first album with Kenny Coleman, which has garnered over 107,000 views on YouTube!  Stuart Epps, a producer who has worked with superstars like Elton John and Led Zeppelin, and music producer Leslie Bialik, had rave reviews for two of Carolina's songs.  Bialik described her voice as having a "beautiful tone, smooth, yet strong and emotive delivery and easy to understand" and called her song "I'm a Fighter" an "excellent tune".

Next week, Carolina will be taking the stage at the Worlds End Music Festival in Austria!  It will be televised across the world, with many bands from all over taking part!  Most recently, Carolina has been working with a seven-time Grammy-nominated producer to put out her upcoming EP "Journey to the Sun".

When she's not performing onstage or recording more hits, Carolina walks in fashion shows for stores like Ann Taylor and models for Everything But Water at Woodfield Mall in Illinois, and acts in plays, where here hard work and dedication have earned her rewards!  Between her music career, her modeling career and her raw talent, this Barbizon Schaumburg graduate is becoming a superstar!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Barbizon Midwest's Jeremy Torres is a Hit in His New Sitcom Pilot!

Barbizon Midwest's Jeremy Torres has already earned praise and awards for his roles in independent films, and now his awesome acting in the sitcom pilot "Oh, Ms. Tracy..." has people buzzing all over again!  The show has yet to air, but it is already creating a stir, and Jeremy's great work on-set earned praise from the cast and the rest of the crew.  Jeremy had fun working on the shoot with all the other actors and directors, and he was a favorite on-set.  Here's Jeremy with Tracy Martin, the actress who plays Ms. Tracy!

Jeremy's other works include an independent film, "The Christmas Tree", which won the Best in Show award at the 2011 Weisman Award Exhibition!  Jeremy's great, award-winning talents are already making him famous, and he's sure to see even more success!  Be sure to click the link below to follow Jeremy on Facebook and hear more about his exciting projects!