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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Move over world! Kellsey Forest is on her Way!

Kellsey Forest
In March of 2013, we wrote about Barbizon Midwest of Moline, IL location graduate Kellsey Forest making her mark in the industry! In just 5 short months, Kellsey has accomplished so much we had to update you on all of the success of this beautiful model and actress. Currently signed with 7 agencies across the nation Kellsey remarks she, "Appreciates everything they have done!"

Kellsey has been keeping busy with her many photo shoots for magazines such as LaEasia out of the Chicago area. This week, she will be shooting for American Photo Magazine in Ohio!

Kellsey's acting career is also really taking off! Check her out in the "Kum & Go" commercial below, which she commented, "Was so much fun to film! The crew was great!" Also, keep an eye out for her in the movies "Dead Girls" and "Chat."

Kellsey has definitely traveled a lot lately in pursuit of her modeling and acting career. Venturing around Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Ohio, Kellsey admits, "It has been crazy to work into my schedule, but so worth it!"
Aside from her industry success, we were impressed and proud to hear of her philanthropy endeavors. Kellsey explains, "I've been spending a lot of my time volunteering and doing mission work. I traveled recently to Nashville to a local church to spend time with struggling children. I also just returned from Indiana, doing mission work helping the Frankfort community."
Think Kellsey's career and volunteer work are impressive? So do we; and you may be as impressed as we were to hear she is also making waves in the academic arena. Currently pursuing her PhD in Psychology at the University of Northern Iowa, you can find her playing with the UNI Drum-line! From industry success, to volunteer work, to scholarly achievements, Kellsey is definitely proving she is one force to be reckoned with!
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