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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Effective Headshot: Tips Every Actor Needs!

The old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words is especially true when it comes to actors' headshots. This one photograph is supposed to convey your personality, your age range, your ability to work well with others, and dozens of other elements that will influence a casting director's decision to bring you in for an audition. How do you and your photographer capture all that information in a single image? To answer this question let's take a look at a few of our own Barbizon Midwest graduates' headshots.

The most important thing is that your headshot look like you. When actors submit for a project, casting directors are looking at a sea of little pictures on a website and putting a check next to the ones that look like what they want. So the lighting must be clear, and the photo must read at a small size, look exactly like you when you walk in the door, and look like your type. 

Brendon Eggertsen
Oana Gregory

Oana Gregory's headshot shows that the eyes truly are the mirror of one's sole. Notice how warm, opening, and interesting she looks. Her eyes show strength and vulnerability at a glance. 

Brendon Eggertsen's photo reflects his intensity, strength, and sensitivity. He is raw and direct. He can play powerful characters with depth. 

If you saw either Oana or Christian in person, you would see that they look just like their headshots.

Taveon Pow
Megan Boyle

It's all in the eyes! Here in their headshots, actors Megan Boyle and Taveon Powe are both open, approachable, warm, and engaging. They emit a spirit, a personality, and a feeling. That's exactly what you want in a headshot - you want the casting director to feel all that. Natural light and not flash can sometimes make it easier to feel more natural and yourself; spontaneous and being, not posing. Their eyes are alive! Casting directors and agents like this because not only do the actors look like their headshots but the CDs and agents get a sense of communication and honesty.

Michael Viruet

What makes the headshot of Michael Viruet successful is his warm eye contact and smile. This is also a good example of a three-quarter shot that works, because in showing some of his body, we are able to see that he is in good shape. We may not get that with a tighter headshot.

Emily Maguire
Emily Maguire's headshot is successful because she has layers to the emotions she's conveying. Her features really stand out and her beauty shines. But what one really sees is the intensity and depth in her eyes, the confidence she has, her presence, and the attention she can command from an audience. We know she can be soft and emotional or a strong leading lady. This photo is captivating and really holds the viewer's attention. 

Jeremiah Rosario
Jeremiah Rosario's headshot really captures his charm. In this shot in particular, he has a great connection to the camera and an inviting expression that draws the onlooker into the shot. In order to create the kind of expressions that stand out when casting directors flip through headshots you need to engage the three things we use on our face to communicate: mouth, eyes, and eyebrows. Jeremiah did a great job of meshing the three together to show off a touch of his personality.

Sarah Madden
Sarah Madden's smile is so infectious and genuine, as is her personality. You are drawn to her smile, both in the expression in her eyes and in her compelling smile. 

The business you are in involves getting up in front of an audience and giving them an experience, touching their heart in a way that makes them fall in "love" with you. The same applies to your pictures. You are trying to get the casting director's attention. All the photographers will tell you, "You need a picture that jumps out and says something about you." Well, yes, but what you want every time, whether it's your picture or your audition, is for them to fall in love with you.

We all have something about us that is lovable. Is it your sense of humor, your warmth, your sense of honor, your loyalty? Really sit down and think about your best qualities. And by that I mean your qualities, not the ones you want to emulate. What is it about you that makes you lovable? Take some time to think about this and then practice in a mirror or with your iPhone or a video camera. Come prepared knowing who you are. Then take the picture.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Model of the Week Megan Boyle!

Megan Boyle
Merrillville, IN model, actress, and musician Megan Boyle graduated from Barbizon Midwest at the age of 14. Megan is currently in rehearsal for "Etude the Musical," a Broadway in Chicago production by Sigman Brothers premiering October 16, 2013.

Represented by our agency, Royal Model Management, Megan strutted the runway in two fashion shows for Sears and booked a print ad for Acne One Step. You may have also seen her as a featured model on the Style Network's television series "Chicagolicious."

As the winner of the Girl's Life Magazine "Dance. Sing. Dream" National Competition, Megan won a trip to L.A. and walked the "pink" carpet for the world premiere of "Standing Ovation." As part of her prize, because Megan is a part of the Barbizon Modeling family, she will be appearing in "Standing Ovation the Movie 2," which filmed over summer.  

Megan Boyle at the premiere of "Standing Ovation"

Megan stars as 'Sarah' in the short film "The Chase" and as a featured extra in "Dhoom 3," releasing this December. 

Megan Boyle as Sarah in "The Chase"

For all of her hard work, it's easy to see why this triple threat is our chosen 'Model of the Week!'

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Carolina Davis Creating "Strip My Mind!"

Barbizon Midwest Schaumburg graduate and IMTA alum, Carolina Davis is a classically trained R&B/Pop/Soul Singer from Roselle, IL. Not only is this young artist a singer, Carolina is also a songwriter, composer, producer, actress, and model.

Currently, Carolina is touring the Chicagoland area performing all her original material. Next week she will be releasing her EP "Strip My Mind!" Carolina came to us with the idea of making a video about the album. We put our other Barbizon Midwest graduate and IMTA alum, Meredith Wood Bahuriak - who has her Bachelor's Degree in Television Writing & Producing from Columbia College Chicago - to work on this intimate interview. 

We hope you enjoy! And be sure to watch for Carolina's gratitude for Barbizon Midwest!

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Introducing Barbizon Model Chat!

Barbizon Midwest Rising Stars in Training!
Recently we have been traveling through out the midwest to check in with our graduates and see how life has been going since Barbizon Modeling. Barbizon Midwest provides you with the tools you need to succeed and the contacts to do so, but it is your job to keep in touch with your agent and attend as many model calls, castings and auditions as possible. We want all our students, graduates, and parents to know that your Barbizon Midwest experience does not end with your certification... it's really just beginning and we are here to support your journey.

Barbizon Midwest Rising Stars in Training!

Barbizon Midwest Rising Stars in Training!

Actors and Models are their own business. Cultivating productive business relationships requires putting yourself out there - through auditions, yes, but also through a variety of other means.

Top Left: Charles Nemes, Christian Kramme, Breanna Lynn, Sara Niemietz, Patrick Thompson
Bottom Left: Connor Kramme, Jeff Braine's fiance, Jeff Braine, and Michael Viruet
These famous Barbizon Midwest grads visited Director Charles Nemes at IMTA LA 2013

Barbizon Midwest graduate and Super Model Katrina Hunter (center)
stops by IMTA LA to support our 2013 team.

Barbizon Midwest graduate and Actor Brendon Eggertsen
shows his support to our IMTA LA 2013 team.

Merriam-Webster defines networking as "the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically: the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business."

Networking doesn't mean you have to schmooze industry insiders at cheesy parties. It simply means building relationships with others in the industry. Are you hoping to make friendships at Barbizon with your classmates? Bingo. You're a Networker. How about indie films? Are you going to audition for those - maybe book one - and then meet some people you like on set? Man you're a networking fanatic!

Back in June, we blogged "Why Actors Need to Understand Social Media" and expressed how you are your own business in this industry. That said, you are never alone. You have already stepped in the right direction by educating yourself about your career and ALL of us at Barbizon Midwest, from our teachers, talent directors, managers, and agency representatives, to the person behind this very blog you are reading are here to support you and your career. 

Barbizon Midwest proudly presents an opportunity for our students and graduates to hear from one another and showcase themselves in our new series 'Barbizon Model Chat!' 

Now, we encourage you to watch and listen as we reconnect with a successful male model, Dominic Strange, a Barbizon Midwest Traverse City location graduate and IMTA NYC 2009 alum. 

Is there anything Barbizon Midwest can do to further assist and support your vision of success as you pursue your creative passion and career goals? Please reach out to us at We look forward to connecting with each and every one of you!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

That IMTA Blog: IMTA Alum Gabrielle Senn Star in the Spotlight--an...

That IMTA Blog: IMTA Alum Gabrielle Senn Star in the Spotlight--an...: Nickelodeon's Nick Studio 10 star Gabrielle Senn's shares her IMTA experience: Tell us about your IMTA experience: Being a cont...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Baribizon Midwest Teen Model Shenell Randall Crowned!

Congratulations to Barbizon Midwest Schaumburg location graduate AND 2004 NYC IMTA alum, Shenell Randall crowned 'National American Miss Missouri Teen 2013!' Along with the winning title, Shenell also place '1st runner-up Casual Modeling' and '2nd runner-up Actress!'  Shenell attends Lindenwood University in St.Charles, MO.

Shenell Randall
National American Miss Missouri 2013!

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Luis Zuniga's Commercial Booking!

Luis Zuniga
Chicago Talent Luis Zuniga booked a web video for 'Go RVing' through our agency Royal Model Management and checked in to let us know how the shoot went!

"Thank you so much for getting me booked! I had an amazing time shooting the commercial and met some wonderful people. It was a great experience and I had a blast!"

Luis competed at IMTA NYC 2013 where he received an 'Honorable Mention' award in THREE categories: Commercial Print, Sitcom, and TV Beauty! 

Congrats on the booking Luis and thanks for letting us know how it went! Keep up the good work!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pre-Teen Model & Actress Taylor Castro's Career Take-off!

Taylor Castro
Last week, we blogged about "Taylor Castro's Crowning Moment" as 'National American Miss Illinois Pre-Teen 2013!' Taylor has been booking work with our agency, Royal Model Management, since her graduation from Barbizon Midwest Schaumburg location in 2007! We are so proud of Taylor and delighted she took the time to speak with us about her Barbizon/Royal experience.

What did you gain from your Barbizon Midwest experience?

Taylor Castro
National American Miss Illinois Pre-Teen 2013
"I have gained life changing qualities like confidence through the Barbizon Midwest experience. During the pageant's interview component, I answer the questions proudly with confidence in my answers. I am also very comfortable with talking in front of large crowds or giving a presentation in front of my class."

Can you tell us about some of the many jobs you have done for Royal Model Management?

"I have done a Sears, Luna, and McDonald's commercial along with print work for Walgreens, Weber Grill, State Farm, Good Egg Project, Six Flags and other projects. The Six Flags shoot was so much fun! I loved going up and down the waterslides!"

Check out Taylor Castro's National McDonald's commercial!

What other activities are you involved in?

"I participate in dance and gymnastics. I have been doing ballet, tap, and jazz since I was in preschool. I also have been doing gymnastics since 3rd grade. I have been on the Principal's List for all of sixth and seventh grade. To be on the Principal's List, you have to have a G.P.A. of 3.8 or higher."

What advice would you offer to current Barbizon Midwest students and graduates?

"Be yourself. If you pretend to be someone that you aren't, nobody will be able to see the real you!"

Taylor Castro

Taylor's pageantry title, extracurricular activities, industry work, and academic achievements make her a true star in our eyes. She is a shining example of the type of role model we strive to help our students become. At such a young age, Taylor has already achieved so much and it is easy to see this bright, determined, and talented girl is going places. 

Taylor, we are so proud of you and thrilled to be a part of your journey. Congratulations on recently booking another huge print job for Walgreens and we will be cheering for you as you compete at Nationals in November!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spotlight on Teen Model Nikky MacLeod!

Nikky MacLeod
This past weekend Barbizon models auditioned for an Aloxxi hair show in Wisconsin. Nikky MacLeod was a chosen model for the show. Nikky graduated from Barbizon Midwest in February of 2011 and was kind enough to check in with us about her Barbizon and Aloxxi experience!

What did you gain from your Barbizon Midwest experience?

"Confidence! A lot of confidence. New friends and great memories."

What have you been doing since graduating Barbizon?

"High school life kept me busy till now that I'm starting college. I was a part of my school's rugby team and we placed fourth at the nation tournament this past May."

How was the Aloxxi Hair Show this past weekend?

"It was wonderful! The stylists were fun and I made friends with all the other models. I ended up with hair I'm in love with. It could not have gone better."

Check out these stunning photos from the show!

What advice would you offer to current Barbizon Midwest students and graduates?

"Be professional, but don't forget to have fun, especially if the stylist or whoever is trying to have some fun with you! They will be grateful and offer you more opportunities."

Thanks so much for checking in with us, Nikky! You look beautiful and we LOVE your hair! 

To find out more about current castings check our Facebook Events Page!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Taylor Castro's Crowning Moment!

Barbizon Midwest grad Taylor Castro was crowned 'National American Miss Pre-Teen 2013' this weekend! In addition to the queens title, she also won spokes model, most promising model, 1st runner up casual wear modeling and 2nd runner up photogenic! 

Taylor has been booking jobs with our agency, Royal Model Management, since she was a pre-teen!!! Taylor will be heading to Nationals in California over Thanksgiving. Congratulations Taylor and break a leg at Nationals!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teen Model Jen Dau 'Declares her Style!'

Barbizon Midwest Minneapolis graduate, IMTA alum, and model for NY MODELS, Jen Dau appears in Nordstrom's catalogue for the July anniversary edition! Jen recently shot her first photo shoot in L.A. for Forever 21's back to school 'Declare Your Style' campaign! The campaign photos are currently featured in Teen Vogue!

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