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Friday, October 29, 2010


Barbizon Schaumburg grad, Amy Flanagan, just booked a role in the new FOX TV series “The Chicago Code.” Amy will be playing ‘young Teresa’ in an upcoming episode!!

This drama series stars actress Jennifer Beals from “Flashdance” and will be about a police offer working in Chicago. Keep a lookout for the show between January and May! Great Job Amy!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Maly’s, a family owned and operated business which provides top quality salon supplies, equipment and training to the beauty industry for over 40 years, booked TWO Barbizon Midwest models for their hair show in Grand Rapids, MI.

Kimberly Saporito and Emma Garber were the selected models (see photos below)!!! Job well done girls! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


For the past several years, Barbizon Midwest has been selected to experience a day in the life of a principal. The event is called “Principal for the Day” and this year our representative was the beautiful and talented motivational speaker Ms. Janee Lester.

Janee attended Chicago Talent Development High School, a charter career and college preparatory school located in Chicago, IL. This particular school is part of Mayor Daley’s focused educational initiative, which involves lots of community, city and higher education funding/assistance.

Janee’s day went a little like this….First she met with the “real” principal, Ms. Bernina Norton. Principal Norton explained the curriculum, initiatives, goals and challenges of the school. From there, Janee was introduced to the entire staff, including the CEO, assistant principal and several executives who were visiting from City Year and John Hopkins Business School.

Janee, “Principal Norton was very gracious and receptive to my visit.”

The rest of the day included Janee shadowing the entire freshman and sophomore classes, where she was introduced, gave a few words about Barbizon Midwest, her background and some motivational words of wisdom. Janee, “The students were truly open, excited and enthusiastic.”

The day ended with a wonderful Principal for a Day Reception at Navy Pier, where our own Chicago Mayor Daley was in attendance.

Janee, “It was a great experience. I'm looking foward to setting up a mentoring initiative or something similar with this school for the future.”

Friday, October 22, 2010


For the past four years Barbizon Midwest has been a proud sponsor of the Special Olympics Spring Games held at Prospect High School in Mount Prospect, IL. On May 2, 2010 we broke our own record with over 50 volunteers. Everyone had a great time helping out with different events that include Track & Field, Ball Toss and Long Jump.

Our volunteers assisted the athletes to their competitions and proudly handed out awards from the podium. The friendships that were developed between the volunteer and the athletes were and still are amazing!

Barbizon volunteer, “You can’t beat this great experience. We get excited watching the Olympians enjoy the day. High fives and “you can do it, man,” are constantly seen and heard to add to the energy that inspires all of us. They are all winners!”

Our Barbizon students and graduates can’t wait to do it again next year! Barbizon has been committed to helping young men and women go through life with pride and self assurance since 1939!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Claire’s selected yet another Barbizon Midwest talent, Maria Diaz to be a Claire’s Style Blogger for the month of November! The site will feature everything from beauty, style and accessories from girls just like you!!

To follow Maria and Lauren (also a Barbizon Claire’s Style Blogger) click on the link below!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Barbizon & Special Olympics Team Up for the Catwalk!

Barbizon Schaumburg has been involved with the Special Olympics Gold Medal Fashion Show Extravaganza for a few years. The Special Olympians love walking the runway in beautiful new clothes and Barbizon takes pride in teaching them how to walk and turn on the catwalk!

This event benefits Special Olympics in the Illinois area and has been a dream come true for many of the participants. Barbizon has been committed to helping young men and women go through life with pride and self assurance since 1939!

We are privileged to be part of these wonderful events as every one that gets on stage is a winner! Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on the Special Olympics Spring Games with Barbizon!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Martyn Hale-Barbizon Midwest grad- got to work on set with one of the biggest hip-hop artists around, Eminem (Slim Shady)!! Martyn was featured with Eminem in MTV’s 2010 VMA Promo Commercial. Check out this sweet commercial below!

More great news… Martyn recently was featured as an extra in the new Dream Works film, “Real Steel” starring Hugh Jackman! Keep your eyes out--the film’s release date is November 18, 2010.

Also, Congratulations to Martyn on his soon to come move to California at the end of October and for signing with Terrie Snell. Quote from Martyn, “Thanks to Barbizon, my life has really changed. I can’t believe it all started just a year ago in Barbizon’s classroom in Lansing, MI.”

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

“MY LIFE SINCE BARBIZON,” written by Barbizon Midwest grad, Karlee Nimmer

To the teachers and staff of Barbizon School of Modeling and Acting:

It is my great pleasure when someone asks me where I got my “start”; I can proudly say that it all started at Barbizon! I am so thankful I took advantage of this great opportunity presented to me back in 2006 when I attended my very first Barbizon class. My wonderful instructors: Ashley Thomas, Cyrilla Pond, and Sarah Luedtke were always full of energy and inspiration. They shaped me to be the person I am today, and I'm so thankful for everything that my teachers and the entire Barbizon staff have done for me.

Although it's been 4 years since I graduated from my Barbizon class in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, I've never forgotten the lessons and training I've been taught. I've been privileged to pass on these great lessons to other aspiring models; one of which will be traveling to Tokyo next summer to embark on an international modeling career. Because of Barbizon, I've had countless opportunities to model in print ads, commercial advertisements and fashion shows not only locally in Wisconsin, but in Europe as well. In October 2011, I will be traveling to Ireland with Visuelle Productions to model in their annual international modeling tour.

But modeling and acting jobs are not the only gifts I've received from Barbizon. Barbizon has given me the confidence to perform in front of many people, the courage to bring out the best in others and the communication skills to succeed in every day life. Six years ago at my Barbizon graduation, I auditioned and was chosen to sing a musical selection for the talent section of the ceremony. Now a junior in high school, I'm proud to say I've recently had the privilege to perform the National Anthem at a Milwaukee Brewer's baseball game.

Since Barbizon, I've recently been able to travel to Nashville to participate in the Future Business Leaders of America Public Speaking competition, where I placed 6th out of the top 68 competitors in the nation. I've also had the opportunity to start my very own community project, “Pencils with a Purpose”, which donates school supplies to low-income families and schools locally and nationally ( My most recent accomplishment was being crowned the 2010 National American Miss Wisconsin Jr. Teen. It is my honor to represent the great state of Wisconsin for the next year! After being crowned, I was awarded with a $2,000 scholarship to attend one of the most prestigious modeling schools in the United States. Can you guess which school the scholarship was for? BARBIZON of course!

In closing, Barbizon does so many great things for so many people. Although it is a modeling and acting school, the amazing teachers and curriculum provide so many great life lessons that will never be forgotten. Again, thank you so much again for everything Barbizon has taught me! I appreciate it so much!

God Bless!

Karlee Nimmer

Thanks Karlee for your wonderful letter to Barbizon. Your kind words are much appreciated. Keep up all your hard work and success, and keep us updated!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Briarcliffe College was so amazed with Barbizon Midwest graduate, Shana Heneberry, that she was selected the same day she sent in her online video audition! Click on the video posted below to check out Shana starring in a lead role.