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Monday, December 19, 2011

Barbizon Midwest: 2011 Grads of the Year!!

As 2011 draws to a close, we thought it would be fantastic to profile some of these years most active graduates! Take a look to see what they’ve been up to!

Alicia Svenson
Alicia Svenson

Michigan Grad Alcia Svenson spent the year in Hollywood! After graduating High School Alicia moved to California to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress, and well…she made it! She auditioned for a part in the 2010 movie The Social Network and was told by the casting director almost immediately that the role was hers. Alcia can be seen as the actress that played the first girlfriend of Sean Parker.

Lauren Storm

Lauren Storm

Lauren started her career as Taylor Hagan on the TV series Flight 29 down. She has also been seen in I love you Beth Cooper (Treece Kilmer), The Game Plan (appearing alongside “The Rock”), and The Roommate. Most recently you saw her as Rachael Donahue in Munger Road, the thriller/horror that appeared in theatres in October. The Chicago grad has been acting since age 10 and is currently working on the film My Eleventh.

Breanna Lynn
Breanna Lynn

Barbizon Midwest musician Breanna will be coming out with her first album in 2012. She has her own Youtube channel on which you can see her current songs and interests! She had a role in the film Son’s of Tucson and is currently working on the animated movie Dorothy of OZ (2012). She is huge on the anti-bullying front and recently posted an original song in response to a young boy who did a video on how he has been bullied. Both can be seen on Youtube.

Jeremy Torres
Jeremy Torres

Schaumburg Grad Jeremy was recently seen in the Columbia College student film The Christmas Tree. The movie received Best in Show at the 2011 Weisman Award Exhibition!


Christian and Connor Kramme

Siblings Christian and Connor have had a busy year! Both have appeared in national television series recently. Christian, who is big on the independent film circuit, was featured in the CSI: New York episode Justified. His brother Connor has been in several major motion pictures and has been casted for several episodes of Nickelodeon’s Icarly.


Sara Niemietz
Sara Niemietz

Barbizon talent Sara Niemietz is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and guitarist. She booked roles on the TV shows Providence and Gilmore Girls as well as the film, Akeelah & the Bee. Most recently, Sara had the honor of performing with legendary Emmy award-winning guitarist Snuffy Walden.

Katrina Koernig

Katrina Hoernig

Since graduating High School in 2010, she has become the favorite of designer, Marc Jacobs. Showcasing his clothes on the runways of NYC, London, Paris and Milan. She has graced the covers of Velvet and Riviera magazines. She also profiles the clothes of up and coming designer Charlotte Ronson.


Sierra & Chase Vasquez

Both Sierra and Chase (brother and sister) have done several major print advertisements in 2011. Chase has been seen in ad's for Kohl's, Quaker Oats and Cooked Perfect. His sister Sierra appeared in the LTD Holiday Catalog, and did work for Walgreens that can be seen in stores all over the country.


Earlier this year Tornu was seen in a commercial for the Oprah Winfrey Network, and most recently was featured as “The Tie Guy” in the national Western Union campaign.

Victoria Addis

Victoria Addis

Victoria won a national contest to appear in Seventeen Magazine and was profiled in the November issue. The Barbizon Moline Grad has had modeling opportunities in both California and New York in the past year.

Michael Adrian
Michael Adrian
Michael has a long repertoire of Films including; Luna Park, Resistance and Twi Harder. His television appearances are just as numerous; Community, Victorious, and Cold Case. As well, he appears as a regular on the hit Disney show Rule the Mix.

Blake Goldman

Blake Goldman

Barbizon talent Blake was recently chosen to be an extra on the new Starz network television series Boss starring Kelsey Grammar.

Amy Flannigan

Amy Flannigan

Amy booked a featured role the FOX television series, The Chicago Code, and will be playing ‘young Teresa’ in an upcoming episode.

Mackie Atteberry

Mackie Atteberry

Here’s an idea! While attending Bradley University, Mackie auctioned for and received commercials for Mission Investment Fund and Six Flags Great America. What an awesome way to make money in college!

Jeff Braine

Jeff Braine

This year Barbizon Midwest Grad Jeff Braine booked a guest appearance on the popular CBS sitcom, How I Met Your Mother.



Dillon Lang & Haley Ethridge

Both Dillon and Haley have been used by The Learning Seed School in several educational videos for use in their classes.

Olivia Rumishek

  Olivia Rumishek

Under the age of 8, Olivia has already landed print work for Kohl's and most recently appeared on the cover of Time out Chicago Kids.

Annika Sheaff
Annika Sheaff

For the past 5 years Annika has traveled all over the world performing with performing artist group, Pilobous. This year the dancers did a special performance on America's Got Talent. Last year it they were at the Academy Awards.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Singing a Message: One Barbizon Midwest Grad’s Fight against Cruelty

Breanna Lynn is a Barbizon Midwest musician. Her YouTube channel profiles her original songs, and she has an album coming out in 2012. Most recently Breanna spoke out, or rather sang out, against a huge problem the children of this country are facing. Bullying has become a major issue in schools all over the world. But thanks to the internet it has become easier to speak out against the bully’s in the school system. In response to a video posting on YouTube by a boy who has for a long time been the victim of such attacks, Breanna wrote and produced a song entitled “Loved.” She also posted a 2nd video filled with more encouraging messages for kids whose lives have been affected by bullies. Both Video’s can be viewed below.

This amazing young woman has not just limited her career to singing, she has appeared in Son’s of Tucson and is currently working on the Animated film Dorothy of Oz.


"To Those Who Have Been Bullied"

Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday “Cheer” for Barbizon Midwest Grad!

This past weekend Barbizon Wisconsin graduate Madison Uebelacker stared as Lucille in the First Stage Theatre Academy’s production of June B. in Jingle Bells Batman Smells. There to congratulate her on the performance was Barbizon Midwest’s President Charles Nemes. Pictured below is a shot of her onstage, and would you look at the smile! The 10 year old has had a great year, and things look promising for the young actress!

Earlier this year Madison appeared alongside Nora Jones and Seth Macfarlane in the New Mark Wahlberg film ‘Ted.’ She was also seen on an episode of the new Starz series ‘Boss’ staring Kelsey Grammer. After completion of the June B. production Madison and her family will be moving to Hollywood, California where she has signed a 2 year management contract. Congratulations Madison! The next we hear from her will be coming from the City of stars!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Black Friday with Friday’s: Barbizon Midwest Grads Brave the Crowds and Cold

The busiest shopping day of the year, and these kids were out working the crowds! T.G.I. Friday’s selected close to thirty Barbizon Midwest Graduates from Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota to promote their restaurant on November 25th more commonly known as black Friday. The grads donned red and black and visited shopping centers to pass out flyers and talk with customers in lines about the restaurant which was having a special event for their patrons.

Pictures from the event are shown above. The kids look like they had a blast!

Congratulations to:

Chelsea Albus
Olivia Brandt
Brittany Burt
Erica Hill
Aliza Hollister
Ashley Likens
April McCarthy
Zaharrah Beyah
Kadie Bond
Sarah Burton
Samantha Bushner
Abby Buck
Talitha Budi
Christina Cummings
James Diem
Alexandria Fox
Brittany Fulcher
Haley Gawronski
Jennifer Herberg
Kevin Hyler
Tiffanie Jansky
Jennifer Kranjac
Kate La Rette
Donovan Lassig
Megan Lindstrom
Ashley Monti
Karlee Nimmer
Amanda Riese