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Friday, August 9, 2013

Music Sensation Sara Niemietz!

Barbizon Midwest Schaumburg graduate and IMTA alum, Sara Niemietz has appeared on "Glee" and "The Ellen Degeneres Show," was apart of the cast for the film "Akeelah and the Bee," released an EP of original materialPush Play, and a Christmas Favorites album, and recently performed at The Grand 'Ole Opery. In 2001, Sara was named "Female Vocalist of the Year" National Champion at the National Country Music Association International, and was the "Female Entertainer of the Year" California State Champion at the California Country Music Association. So, we weren't at all surprised to read her feature in Newsound Magazine.

"Singing and performing are so natural to me," Sara commented to the magazine. "Music is that old, worn-out, well-loved sweater we all keep close at hand. I am more comfortable while performing than almost anywhere else. Music is so uplifting, cathartic and powerful - it is the most natural form of expression for me. I love the possibility, the openness. I also love that music is a language of its own. English is beautiful, beautiful, but its nice to have another vernacular to use and another wavelength to communicate on. How wonderful is sound? There is inspiration everywhere - from the swooshing of windshield wipers to the crack and buzz of construction sites."

Sara writes and records all of her own music and according to Newsound, "Her accurate tone and pitch control shows her rare, raw talent, and her vocal power gives you goosebumps."

CLICK HERE for the full article and for more on Sara:

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