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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rachel Kehl Checks In and Offers Advice!

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Barbizon Midwest graduate Rachel Kehl and talk to her all about what she has been up to and more importantly what she has learned and her advice.
Rachel Kehl

The Beginning of Barbizon
Rachel attended Barbizon in the fall through spring of last year and was eager to reveal to us what she learned. 

Rachel states, "Not only did I learn proper runway walking (which I was in desperate need of), but I learned a lot of things like skin care, make-up techniques, interviewing skills and so many other things that apply to the everday working person."

Walking the Walk
Rachel's first audition upon graduating was for a Redken hair show. She recalled her teachers at Barbizon advising her not to do too many hair shows so as to not damage her hair or change to drastically and need to redo headshots. "Naturally I was nervous going in," Rachel explains, "but I ended up being chosen and my hair was barely changed at all! I got to meet amazing people and have my first real runway experience at age 16!"

After Redken, Rachel had another fantastic experience working for Alterna hair company in May. Following those hair shows she did not see a lot of work until a few months ago. "In September my modeling career exploded with movie auditions and hair show auditions, and the most important thing I did to make this happen was continue to contact my agent at Royal," she clarifies. 

Rachel's Advice:
"Every month or so shoot your agent an email and ask them if there is any work for you. After you successfully land a job, contact them about your experience and thank them for the opportunity."

Talking The Talk
As of working right now, Rachel just wrapped filming on the set of "Dhoom 3," an Indian film set in Chicago. 
Rachel Kehl

Rachel:"When I got the email from Royal Model Management I was beyond thrilled. I drove three hours (with the assisstance of my mother) for the audition for them to talk to me for thirty seconds and then leave. I was quite discouraged that they wouldn't want me until I got an email from the casting director saying they wanted me! I began filming with them in September as an extra, and I was immediately made a featured extra. You can just imagine my excitement when I realized I was going to be seen on the screen. They asked me back for some more extra work and as soon I got there they gave me a speaking role! I was sent off to hair, make up, and wardrobe and the crew there treated me like a star. Once I got on set I felt amazing. Everyone was polite and knew my name. They offered me water and helped me learn my lines. It was a fantastic thing for me to do and I got to meet people who I am sure I will keep contact with for a while to come. I am hoping to continue modeling and acting in the near are far futures and I plan on seeing where this path takes me in life."

Rachel's Advice:
"For anyone my age going into this industry: keep up on your school work. Don't let your academics suffer because of your career. I know that there has to be some give-and-take but failing your classes isn't going to get you much of anywhere. Luckily I have managed to work out a successful system with my principal/teachers that I receive all assignments before the dates of absence and it seems to work effectively."

Rachel also stated, "I know that it would not be even close to possible for me have gotten even nearly this far without my parents' undying love and support for what I do."

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Minnesota's Michael Adrian Soaring High!

Minneapolis Grad Michael Adrian
Last month we wrote three need to know facts about Barbizon Midwest Minneapolis Graduate Michael Adrian, but we forgot about one more!

Michael is actually an Eagle Scout! Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America. The title of Eagle Scout is held for life, thus giving rise to the phrase, "Once an Eagle, always an Eagle."

For your viewing pleasure we have also included a video of Michael below. The movie is a short film he did called, "Get Michael."

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Barbizon Reviews: Blog 1 of Series "Isha Jog"

Miss Northern Suburbs' Outstanding Teen 2012

Barbizon Midwest Reviews Schaumburg graduate Isha Jog.

As a trilingual student who has visited over 30 states and 8 countries, Isha Jog is always eager for the next adventure. She won the title of Miss Northern Suburbs' Outstanding Teen 2012 and placed as first runner up to Miss Illinois' Outstanding Teen 2012. She also placed first runner up to National American Miss Illinois Teen 2012. She was featured on the cover of the nationally distributed "Tiara Magazine."
Isha Jog with State Representative Fred Cresp
"Great Citizen Award"
Mayor William McLeod and the city council
Isha is very passionate about volunteering and won these volunteer awards:

  • Village of Hoffman Estates "Great Citizen Award"
  • Governor's Volunteer Service Award from Illinois Governor Pat Quinn
  • Nedra Stewart Community Service Award
  • Miss Illinois Outstanding Teen 2012 Community Service Award
  • Daily Herald's "Suburban Standout"
"Holiday Heroes"
Christamas in New Orleans

Last year, Isha founded "Holiday Heroes" a non-profit teen volunteer organization that performs community service projects during several holidays throughout the year.
  • She collected over 700 Valentine's Day cards and goodies for senior citizens at Friendship Village 
  • Distributed 500 canned goods to the Willow Creek food pantry, as part of her Halloween Against Hunger campaign
  • Served dinner and taught dance to at-risk children at a youth center on Christmas Day
  • On National Read Across America Day, she organized Dr. Seuss motivational reading presentations for students in three District 54 schools.
"Holiday Heroes"
Halloween Against Hunger
If that's not impressive enough, how about the fact that she did this while maintaining a stellar G.P.A and involved with the following extracurriculars:
  • Student Council Vice President
  • 2011 - 2013 D.A.R.E. America Youth Advisory Board Illinois Representative
  • 2012 - 2013 Schaumburg Township District Library Student Advisory Trustee
  • Orchesis Dance Team Captain
  • Business Professionals of America Nationals - 4th place in Speech Event

Isha became a cultural ambassador for Indian Culture through her classical Kathak training at Indian Dance school. With this title she has performed at over 150 different venues in the Chicago and Schaumburg area, performing at charity dinners and fundraisers while educating the American public on the classical art of Indian dance.

Oh yeah, she also spent three days as an extra on set for DHOOM 3!!!

Isha, way to give meaning to a "full schedule!"

Isha Jog's Website

Holiday Heroes Website

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Erica Barlament - Beauty Arises From Tragedy

Erica Barlament
National American Miss Wisconsin Junior Pre-teen 2012
Barbizon Midwest Wisconsin graduate, Erica Barlament, recently earned the National American Miss Wisconsin Junior Pre-teen 2012 title. Her platform the importance of organ and tissue donation.

Kari and Eric Barlament were celebrating one of life's greatest joys - preparing for the birth of their first child - when tragedy struck their family. While on their way to the store to shop for baby items another car drifted across the center lane and struck their car head-on.

Miraculously, Kari emerged with only broken bones and her pregnancy undisturbed. But, her husband, Eric, was gone forever.
Erica's Parents - Eric and Kari Barlament
The Barlament's healthy daughter, Erica was born in 2003
on September 5, her father's birthday.
The 31- year old had pledged to become an organ and tissue donor and often encourage family members to do the same. With the help of a funeral director, Kari worked to carry out her husband's wishes and consented to donate his bone, heart valves, veins and tendons.

"Eric was so generous," Kari says. "He believed that when we die and don't need our organs and tissue, we should help someone else."

Erica Barlament
"[My father] is forever with me in my heart
and as my guardian angel watching over
me from heaven."
"The greatest gift my father has taught me is not to be selfish and help others whenever possible," Erica shared in her speech at the competition. "In my eyes my father will always be my hero, and someone I never got the chance to meet in person."

Eric James Barlament will be honored by "Donate Life" at the Rose Parade. As a floragraph family Kari and Erica will share the experience of decorating Eric's portrait and watching it pass by on the heart-laden Donate Life float in the Rose Parade.

Donate Life 2013 Floragraph - Eric Barlament

Erica has already begun to follow in her father's generous footsteps by taking part in this years "JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes."

Erica, we are so sorry for your tragic loss, yet so proud to see you carrying on his legacy by sharing his story. You are a beautiful girl inside and out, and an inspiration to all those around you.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Barbizon Midwest's Breanna Lynn: Breaking the Bullying Chain

Barbizon Midwest graduate Breanna Lynn, described as "The Next Taylor Swift," picked up her first guitar at age 9 and began writing her musical autobiography in songs by the time she was just 12 years old. She released her highly anticipated, self titled full-length album on March 18, 2012. For the album, Breanna Lynn teamed with highly credited producers like Ken Cailllat (Colbie Caillat, Fleetwood Mac), Keith Follese (Tim, McGraw, Faith Hill, Martina McBride, Randy Travis), and artist Jamie O'Neal.

This song was written and performed by Breanna Lynn, produced by Michael Duff, and directed by Denice Duff.

Breanny Lynn performing this September in San Diego
Growing up in the midwest wasn't always easy for this talented teen, but Breanna Lynn held on tightly to her faith in God. Her interest in music and poetry made her an outcast at school, and was often bullied for her unique devotion to creative expression. As her music began to have a bigger meaning in Breanna Lynn's life, she made a promise to herself to never let anyone make her feel she didn't belong. That promise proved to be the pivotal moment in Breanna's career, and the young talent has been devoted to speaking out against anti-bullying ever since.

Break the Chain Apparel is designed to help
stop violence,  addiction, and abuse.
Breanna Lynn recently launched the "Break the Chain Anti-Bullying Campaign, 2012," a school assembly designed to "Change the Meaning of Cool." Even as a teen, the fiercely independent Breanna Lynn is on a Mission to inspire young people to never give up hope.

Break the Chain Apparel uses any medium to get the definition out that violence and addiction are NOT your definition. Socially Aware and Fashionably Hip.

Upcoming Events
Breanna Lynn will be performing at the Inspirational Women Awards Ceremony at UCLA on November 4th! Make sure you check YouTube no November 5th for the full performance!

Breanna Lynn was credited and featured in 'Dorothy of Oz,' directed by Will Finn and Dan St. Pierre, set to be released in 2013. The movie stars Lea Michele (Dorothy), Dan Aykroyd (Scarecrow), Kelsey Grammer (Tin-Man), and Jim Belushi (The Cowardly Lion).

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wisconsin's Got Talent!!!

Barbizon Miwest Wisconsin Agency Activity is Booming!!!

Siara Vazquez

Milwaukee Barbizon pre-teen Siara Vazquez booked print work for Walgreens and LTD gift catalog!

Austin Huppert

Madison Barbizon talent Austin Huppert auditioned for Disney XD and the new NBC series "Chicago Fire!"

Sage Thomas

Green Bay Barbizon Talent Sage Thomas booked promotional work and a commercial for Six Flags!

Kennedy Dreger

Madison Barbizon talent Kennedy Dreger booked print work for American Girl Catalog!

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Friday, October 12, 2012

On the Prowl for Katrina Hunter

Model Katrina Hunter
"Tidbit's Other Desert Cities"
Photographer Ben Cope
Model Katrina Hunter
at "Meet the Deisgner and their muse"
Model Katrina Hunter
Atelier Projects/Erik Hart
Last time we spotted Barbizon Midwest Graduate and Model Katrina Hunter she was the latest "Guess" Model. In March we noticed Katrina, muse to designer Johnny Cota, on the red carpet for "Meet the Designers and their Muse" at Ace Gallery.

Putting art before fashion she is particular who she works and walks for. Wowing crowds appearing in Vogue, she is the androgynous, statuesgues goddess with legs for days and sparkling ocean blue eyes. Katrina is intelligent, assertive, and devastatingly pretty.

Here's a few secrets she revealed:

Model Katrina Hunter
Photographer Yoram Roth
5 things she can't live without:
My Family.
Alone Time.
My Computer.

How Modeling has Changed Her:
"It's made me stronger. When you are constantly surrounded by judgements and rejections, you learn to find the core of yourself, who you truly are and cling to that, so when someone turns you down for a job, you know that they're not turning you down, they're turning your face down, or your legs, or your haircut, it's given me a thick skin, which I'll be forever grateful for."

If invisible for a day Katrina would:
"Sneak into Riccardo Tisci's design room just to watch him work."


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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Boiling Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

Barbizon Midwest graduate Megan Boyle just landed herself a lead role on, "Sharing God Kid Style!" Directed by Kacee Christian, the 60 minute cable series is about the Bible in the 21st Century with an Abbot and Costello twist. Along with the series Megan will be part of a feature film, several short films, and several music videos!

Actress and Musician Megan Boyle

Oh! And guess what?! Megan is also writing the music for the series and the movie!

Megan wrote to us how excited she is and how she will be quite busy traveling to Scottsdale, AZ and LA several times throughout the next four months rehearsing and filming.

Megan, we are so proud of you and excited for this amazing oppportunity. Keep us posted about your travels and experiences. We already can't wait to see what fantastic work you produce!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Barbizon Midwest's Jen Dau in Motion!

In August we told you about Barbizon Midwest's Jen Dau taking on NYC after competiting at IMTA 2012. Ryan Mikail captures the essence of her beauty in motion.

Jen Dau by Ryan Mikail from Ryan Mikail on Vimeo.

Photographer Clarens Tyson shares a marvelously captured new series with Model Jen Dau, a very promising fresh face at New York Models.

We have to agree with Design Scene that Jen Dau will get a lot of work so look out for her!

What do you think of Jen Dau?

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Oana Gregory's "Crash & Bernstein" Lands Tonight!

It's finally here! Check out this interview with Barbizon Midwest graduate Oana Gregory who stars in the new Disney XD "Crash & Bernstein" series premiering TONIGHT at 8:30 PM, ET/PT!

Oana Gregory as Amanada
Amanda (Oyana Gregory) is Wyatt's 16 year-old sister and his biggest challenge. Wyatt can charm his mom and occasionally fool his younger sisters, but Amanda is wickedly smart and notoriously impatient.

Good luck Oana! We'll be watching!

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hallelujah Bryar Hansen: Somebody Call the Doctor!

Bryar Hansen gets to show off his singing skills
before the celebrity judges of "American Idol"
in Milwaukee auditions
Barbizon Midwest Minneapolis Graduate Bryar Hansen got his big break, as I'm sure you all remember, on "American Idol" Season 10.

Aside from earning himself the Barbizon Triple Threat award for his singing, dancing, and acting abilities and becoming one of the 125 finalists in his "Americal Idol" audition... We would now like to give him "The Jawdropper Award!" Okay, no it's not a real award, but seriously what happens to your jaw when you read that this handsome talented young man is now attending the pre-medice program at the University of Minnesota Rochester?

In a recent interview, Bryar attributes Barbizon Midwest for his start in the industry. "I got started my freshman year (in high school) when I was signed with Barbizon Modeling in the Twin Cities," Hansen said. "It's a place for kids who want to get into acting and modeling."

Bryar Hansen has been modeling for Champs Sports & in the
pre-medicine program at the University of Minnesota Rochester.

After earning Barbizon's Triple Threat Award "It really boosted my confidence," Hansen recalled.

Although Bryar has been working with agencies in Madison, Chicago, and the Twin Cities, modeling for Champ's Sports and Kohl's, his unltimate goal is not the stage. "I want to be an oncologist," he said.

Highschool Flashback!
Check Bryar out singing "Hallelujah!"

Bryar Hansen

Bryar, we are so proud and wish you success in ALL that you do: modeling, acting, singing, studying! You are officially a QUADRUPLE THREAT!

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