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Monday, April 30, 2012

Barbizon Midwest presents Jon Kent Ethridge, a Hollywood Hit!

Jon Kent Ethridge is a talented young actor who's getting tons of attention for his impressive resume!  This 19-year-old Barbizon Midwest graduate is getting great new movie and TV roles left and right.  Recently, he's known for playing Craig in "Out of Jimmy's Head" and AJ in the movie "The Last Day of Summer".  He was even nominated for the Young Artist Award for those roles, and the recognition keeps coming!  Here's Jon at the premiere of "Land of the Lost", which he was in with Will Ferrell.

Jon is a star who's getting brighter every day.  He's been in hit shows like "iCarly", "Lie to Me" and he played Young Blade on "Blade: The Series".  Jon is coming right into the spotlight with more and more great opportunities each day, so keep an eye on him- he's one actor whose work you don't want to miss!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Barbizon Midwest's Very Own Megan Boyle is the Next Big Thing!

Barbizon Midwest is proud to present Megan Boyle, an accomplished young woman who's making a splash in the media!  Recently, her credits include a commercial for Acne One Step and a fashion show for Sears.  Megan has even made an appearance on The Style Network!  Megan is a graduate of Barbizon Midwest in Schaumburg and the winner of Standing Ovation's Dance Sing Dream National Competition sponsored by Girls Life magazine, which gives her the chance to be in a sequel to the hit movie "Standing Ovation"!

Megan Boyle

Check out the link below to read Megan's interview with Girls Life magazine, and be sure to be on the look out for her commercials and all the great new things she has coming up!  Megan Boyle is ready to take on the acting world!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Barbizon Midwest Sees a "Storm" of Talent Coming Your Way!

Lauren Storm is a star on the rise!  This Chicago native is only 25 and has already appeared in more than 20 different roles on TV shows and movies.  From small-screen favorites like Malcom in the Middle to big-screen hits like I Love You, Beth Cooper, Lauren is working hard and gaining a lot of attention from top talent in Hollywood.  In fact, she even starred as a nanny alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the hit movie The Game Plan!  Lauren also spent two years in a lead role as Taylor Hagan in the Discovery Kids drama Flight 29 Down.

Lauren got her start at Barbizon Midwest in Schaumburg as a model when she was nine years old, and only a few short years later, theatrical agencies asked her to move to California to work as an actress!  When she's not busy working on hit movies, Lauren is a big supporter of charities and serves as the ambassador for the Starlight Children's Foundation.  This shining star is taking the world by "Storm"!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet Barbizon Midwest's Nola Tolsma - A Sweet Sixteen Pageant Superstar!

Nola Tolsma is on her way to pageant stardom!  Nola is a sweet 16-year-old who was recently selected to represent her home state of Michigan at the 2012 Miss American Junior Teen Pageant in Orlando, Florida!  A graduate of Barbizon Grand Rapids in 2010, Nola is now a sophomore in high school who is quickly earning recognition for her talent.  She won her most recent title competing in the Miss American Coed Pageant, and she will be tough competition for the other girls at the Miss American Junior Teen Pageant.  At the national pageant, she will be in the running to win thousands of dollars in cash, prizes and scholarships!

This talented teen, when not winning pageants, loves to golf, ski, dance, act and model.  Nola is proud to represent her state for the pageant and have the chance to compete for the national title this Thanksgiving.  Nola is a gifted Barbizon Midwest graduate who should be proud of all her accomplishments and all those yet to come - this girl is going far!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Barbizon Midwest’s Young Star Who’s Shining Bright: Sara Niemietz!

Sara Niemietz is a talented young singer and actress who’s ready to take on the world!  From the age of 10, when she played a young Carol Burnett on Broadway, to singing for movie soundtracks and receiving high praises for her work, she’s a 19-year-old star!  Sara hails from Illinois, where she received top training to kick off her career at Barbizon Schaumburg.  Her most recent original songs showcase her sweet voice that is far more mature than other singers her age, and her singing and acting chops have even led to a spot on the hit TV show “Glee”, saying, “As an onscreen guitarist, I have the fun of learning the songs, going to set, and playing my heart out.”

Check out the link below to see the video for Sara’s latest release, “World of My Own”, and be sure to download this great tune and more of Sara’s sweet songs on iTunes today—she’s a talented, bright young woman whose work you won’t want to miss!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Barbizon Midwest Presents: Madison! Isn't She "Precious?"

Madison is a cutie! A Barbizon Midwest Alum, she has been singing since the age of four, when she appeared on Good Morning America. Since then she has acted in films alongside such big names as Meryl Streep, Steve Carell, and Tommy Lee Jones.

Most recently, The girl became a top 15 finalist in the national Precious Princess 2012 pageant with her heart warming smile and amazing talent. She told the judges that it was her dream to one day appear on the legendary stages on Broadway, and if we have anything to say about it she most certainly will! Be sure to click on the link below and cast you vote for Barbizon Midwest's little princess!