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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Introducing Barbizon Model Chat!

Barbizon Midwest Rising Stars in Training!
Recently we have been traveling through out the midwest to check in with our graduates and see how life has been going since Barbizon Modeling. Barbizon Midwest provides you with the tools you need to succeed and the contacts to do so, but it is your job to keep in touch with your agent and attend as many model calls, castings and auditions as possible. We want all our students, graduates, and parents to know that your Barbizon Midwest experience does not end with your certification... it's really just beginning and we are here to support your journey.

Barbizon Midwest Rising Stars in Training!

Barbizon Midwest Rising Stars in Training!

Actors and Models are their own business. Cultivating productive business relationships requires putting yourself out there - through auditions, yes, but also through a variety of other means.

Top Left: Charles Nemes, Christian Kramme, Breanna Lynn, Sara Niemietz, Patrick Thompson
Bottom Left: Connor Kramme, Jeff Braine's fiance, Jeff Braine, and Michael Viruet
These famous Barbizon Midwest grads visited Director Charles Nemes at IMTA LA 2013

Barbizon Midwest graduate and Super Model Katrina Hunter (center)
stops by IMTA LA to support our 2013 team.

Barbizon Midwest graduate and Actor Brendon Eggertsen
shows his support to our IMTA LA 2013 team.

Merriam-Webster defines networking as "the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically: the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business."

Networking doesn't mean you have to schmooze industry insiders at cheesy parties. It simply means building relationships with others in the industry. Are you hoping to make friendships at Barbizon with your classmates? Bingo. You're a Networker. How about indie films? Are you going to audition for those - maybe book one - and then meet some people you like on set? Man you're a networking fanatic!

Back in June, we blogged "Why Actors Need to Understand Social Media" and expressed how you are your own business in this industry. That said, you are never alone. You have already stepped in the right direction by educating yourself about your career and ALL of us at Barbizon Midwest, from our teachers, talent directors, managers, and agency representatives, to the person behind this very blog you are reading are here to support you and your career. 

Barbizon Midwest proudly presents an opportunity for our students and graduates to hear from one another and showcase themselves in our new series 'Barbizon Model Chat!' 

Now, we encourage you to watch and listen as we reconnect with a successful male model, Dominic Strange, a Barbizon Midwest Traverse City location graduate and IMTA NYC 2009 alum. 

Is there anything Barbizon Midwest can do to further assist and support your vision of success as you pursue your creative passion and career goals? Please reach out to us at We look forward to connecting with each and every one of you!

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