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Friday, July 30, 2010

Barbizon Midwest- Megan Porter can have her 'Pizza' and eat it too!

From Ubandale, Iowa, Megan Porter has a lot to show for!  After graduating from Barbizon Midwest, she attended the  IMTA competitions in New York in July of 2006.  She won several awards including: Young Adult Actress of the Year and Barbizon Young Adult Actress of the Year!

She started her amazing adventure in 2006 when she moved to Los Angeles and a few months later, Megan booked a national Pizza Hut commercial and a hidden camera spot for Kotex. Then, in February she booked a music video for Butch Walker called "Pretty Melody"!  

In March, she booked a PSA for teen pregnancy which shot in Denver, CO and was flown out there! Look for it on MTV! Take a look here!

Things didn't stop for her there! In April she booked a Shelter Insurance commercial and an animated short film which she is about to get the footage for.

Way to go to Megan! We will look for your name on a Hollywood star soon!