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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Michigan's Brendon Eggertsen Lands the Big Screen Again!

Barbizon Midwest Michigan Grad
Brendon Eggertsen
Barbizon Midwest Michigan grad, Brendon Eggertsen, will co-star in the upcoming faith based feature film "Pass the Light." The story is based around the Christian high schooler, Steve Bellafiore (Cameron Palatas) who boldly runs for Congress against the conservative and intolerant, Franklin Baumann. With the help of his loyal circle of friends, "The Faith Crusaders," this colorful and charactery group unite to start the "Pass the Light" campaign, which quickly commands national attention. Brendon plays the character Francis, an awkward, nerdy loner in high school who Steve recruits to the group. Francis evolves throughout the film from a social outcast to a confident and self-assured young man, who is consistently impressing his new friends with his wit and humor.


Brendon grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan and after graduating from Barbizon Midwest he competed at the famed IMTA competition in Los Angeles. Not only did he score several awards and rave reviews, but also found his first and current manager, Julie Abrams of LA's DreamScope Entertainment. It didn't take long before Brendon and his mom took the plunge to Hollywood to pursue his dreams in the entertainment industry.

We were personally honored that Brendon came by IMTA LA 2013 in January to cheer on Barbizon Midwest!

Brendon Eggertsen with Adam Sandler


With his extensive and impressive list of credits at just the age of 16, Brendon, "Will always be grateful for his breakout role in Adam Sandler's memorable motion picture 'Just Go With It.'" Considering Adam Sandler is one of Brendon's personal comedic idols, Brendon was thrilled to play the role of Aril just opposite of Sandler. 


Last year Brendon appeared again on the big screen with the supporting role of Derrick in Paramount Picture's "Paranormal Activity 4." In January 2013, Brendon showcased his dramatic chops in Showtime's dark comedy, hit series Shameless. He also appears in CBS's crime-drama series The Mentalist.

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