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Friday, September 28, 2012

A "Cutting Edge" interview with Independent Filmmaker Austin Buhman

Barbizon Midwest is captivated by current Omaha student, Austin Buhman, who is our film ethusiast actively pursuing his dreams by beginning production on his film, "The Final Cut." Although unable to reveal too many intimate details, Austin did take the time to speak with us about his classic slasher.
Written and Directed by Austin Buhman
In collaboration with Minnie Cooks, Joseph George, and Alexandria Whited

Immersed with horror and suspense, Writer and Director, Austin Buhman relays, "The film follows employees of a movie theater during a lock in, but with a fatal mysterious death to an employee, the theater goes on massive lock down as one by one people die. Secrets are spilled and friendships are tested. There may be one killer or multiple killers, you never know."

Austin, who has always wanted to be in a movie, has an interesting backstory for the films inspiration. "Four of us were standing around late after work and we started talking about movies and our favorite actors and we suddenly came up with the idea of making a movie."

Austin continues about the original surrealism, but after the friends actually met and planned it out, they knew it would happen. Though summer rolled around and people unable to commit delayed filming Austin states, "Now it's for real and I'm super excited about it. Dreams are coming true here."

In pursuit of festivals, Karena Steir (Austin's teacher at Barbizon), is helping his search and connecting him with quite a few links.

Perhaps our favorite part of speaking with Austin was hearing his loyalty and humbleness first hand as he said, "No matter what happens I would like Alexandria Whited, Joseph George, and Minnie Cooks to be noted as creators of the movie. They helped me come up with the idea, plot, setting and deaths. The only thing I did was write the screenplay. Even though they won't be in the movie anymore they deserve just as much credit as I do."

Other thanks that Austin would also like to extend are to:
  • Ashley Chafin, for helping with casting and producing.
  • Robin Ann, who is currently the manager at Scary Acres Haunted House and will be helping with make-up. "Anything nasty, bloody, guts or gory, praise Robin for her amazing work."

Finally, Austin would like to thank Barbizon Midwest for their acceptance, and his friends who are helping him and "It wouldn't be awesome without them."His main hopes are "When the film is finished people will enjoy it as much as he will have enjoyed making it." 

Austin, thank you for your interview and we wish you all the best filming. Be sure to stay in touch with us through out production!

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