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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Want to Make it in this Industry? Top model / actor Patrick Thompson Delivers Your NEED to know Answers!

Patick Thompson
Patrick Thompson has been keeping himself quite busy since graduating from Barbizon Midwest in Schaumburg, IL in 1999. Even with his fast-paced schedule he was kind enough to check-in for an interview with us.

So, Patrick what is your favorite memory of Barbizon Midwest?

"My favorite memory of Barbizon is driving to the classes with my mom (maybe November or December) and eating tomato soup in the car before going into class. IMTA was another interesting and fun experience. The memories there also include my mother, because she went with and it's nice to know how much fun she had there. I enjoyed the people, the energy, and the experience."

How has Barbizon Midwest impacted your life?

"I learned more about the networking part of things. How things REALLY work. I got to witness the power of connections, knowing people, etc. Which can be a great thing in everyday life and also can be a great thing in the business/industry as well."

I think many students want to know what to do upon completing Barbizon, what was your next step?
Patrick Thompson
International Harold Tribune

Patrick Thompson
"Since graduating Barbizon I signed (but am no longer with) Ford Models in Chicago and New York, Bleu in Los Angeles, Attitude in London, Success in Paris and Joy in Milan.

I went to Europe (Milan and Paris) twice for fashions seasons. I walked the runway for Louis Vuitton in France. A shot of me walking that runway appeared in a January 2001 Edition of The International Herald Tribune.

I have appeared in many magazine publications: Target, Sony, Detour, Arude, British Elle, British Vogue, Paul Mitchell, Paul Smith, Oliver People, Gentleman's Options, German GQ, Time Warner cable, Modern Salon, Mode Max, Ruffo Research look book, Elite Traveler, Samsung, American Crew and Xerox/Virgin Airlines.

Commercially I've been in: Snickers industrial, K-Swiss national, Liberty Mutual Insurance national, KIA, WiiU, Jawbone, Pepsi, an Anti Drug PSA, as well as 3 local commercials.

Patrick Thompson "Fanatics"
I've been in music videos for the bands: SR-71 (Tomorrow) and Paolo Nutini (Last Request).

I appeared in a WWE promo "Stone Cold," Steve Austin that premiered live on Paper view and at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for Wrestlemania 21.

I was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Action On Film Festival in Long Beach, as well as Best Actor at the Van Wert Film Festival.

On of the short films I did is on YouTube. It's garnered over 227,500 views already!" 

Check it out!

NewMoon Spoof - a hilarious parody featuring Patrick as Edward Cullen from Twilight
"Not New Moon"

Well, Patrick, you certainly have created/earned quite an extensive and impressive resume. What are your current plans?

"Currently I am working a day job as a concierge at a high end life style center and at the same time pursuing more work in the entertainment/acting industry."

Patrick Thompson
With all of you success, dedication, and hard work, we have to ask what advice you have for our Barbizon students looking to start a career in the entertainment industry?

"Get out there and get in the game as soon as you can and immerse yourself in it all. If you find that it's not for you, don't sweat it, you can find something else you love. Also treat it as a business. Show up on time, collect all the copy of yourself that you can (for memories as well as for business purposes), and have fun. But take it seriously. If this is a career, what you want to do, don't mess around find your niche and work at it. At the same time, the industry will, for the most part, always be around so there isn't necessarily a time limit. There are doors open for all ages, races, etc."

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