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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why you DIDN'T get the part!

Amy Jo Berman
18 years as a Casting Director
14 of them as VP of Casting at HBO
Amy Jo Berman is a former Vice President of Casting at HBO and says: "Based on my years and and years of experience as a casting director in film and television, these are some of the reasons you didn't get the part."

Even though your audition was amazing... and you were totally on your game and you lit up the room with creative acting genius, you still might not get the part. First, it's not negative to understand why you didn't get a job because it will free your mind of all that monkey-mind chatter that happens when you find out you didn't get it. Second, and this is the important part so pay attention, it doesn't matter.

  1. You're too tall.
  2. You're too short.
  3. You're too pretty.
  4. You're not pretty enough.
  5. You're too fat.
  6. You're too thin.
  7. You're too blonde.
  8. You're not blonde enough.
  9. You're too old.
  10. You're too young.
  11. You're too serious.
  12. You're too funny.
  13. You look too much like the lead.
  14. You don't look enough like the lead.
  15. You remind the producer of his sister, and he hates his sister.
  16. You are too ethnic.
  17. You are not ethnic enough.
  18. You were the first one to read that day.
  19. You were the last one to read that day.
  20. You're more like the best friend than the lead.
  21. You're more of a lead than the best friend.
  22. You're to character-y.
  23. You're not character-y enough.
  24. You look like the director's wife and he had a fight with his wife right before he left the house this morning.
None of these are within your control. NONE.

What you must understand is that your only job in an audition is to do you best work. Everything else is not up to you. The role you are reading for is one piece of an entire jigsaw puzzle. It must fit with the rest of the puzzle or the puzzle won't work. The casting director, producer, and director are fitting pieces of the puzzle together all day long. Your only job is to be the best "piece" you can be. Whether your edges fit in the slot for that piece is not up to you.

Just go to your audition. Do your best and let it go. If you're good, they will remember you... for a future part!

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