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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Boiling Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

Barbizon Midwest graduate Megan Boyle just landed herself a lead role on, "Sharing God Kid Style!" Directed by Kacee Christian, the 60 minute cable series is about the Bible in the 21st Century with an Abbot and Costello twist. Along with the series Megan will be part of a feature film, several short films, and several music videos!

Actress and Musician Megan Boyle

Oh! And guess what?! Megan is also writing the music for the series and the movie!

Megan wrote to us how excited she is and how she will be quite busy traveling to Scottsdale, AZ and LA several times throughout the next four months rehearsing and filming.

Megan, we are so proud of you and excited for this amazing oppportunity. Keep us posted about your travels and experiences. We already can't wait to see what fantastic work you produce!

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