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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Barbizon Midwest Presents: IMTA auditions this weekend! Last Chance for the Experience of a Lifetime!

LAST CHANCE: Call Today to Set Up Your Time & Place!!

(800) 504-3400

This weekend, January 28th & 29th , marks the audition for the upcoming International Modeling and Talent Agency (IMTA) conference in New York, New York!! IMTA is an organization known for discovering and bringing light to new talent and is currently looking for models, actors, singers and dancers. Discovered in 1987 the IMTA has been establishing talent for decades through the use of their conventions. Many of the faces that you read about in magazines, watch in movies, and see on the television screen were put there thanks to the IMTA expo.

Stars such as Ashton Kutcher (Two and a Half Men), Katie Holmes (Mad Money), Jessica Biel (7th Heaven), Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives), Brandon Routh (Superman Returns), Moises Arias (Hannah Montana), Alyson Stoner (Step Up), and countless others, all got their start because they were invited to attend a conference for the IMTA! Below is a video of some of the biggest IMTA stars discovered, most of whom you’ve seen many times before!

The next big star could be you! But hurry! The auditions are this weekend! Call today and set up your time and location: (800) 504-3400

Many of the stars featured in the video got their start at Barbizon Modeling and Talent! Barbizon Midwest has partnered with the IMTA for over a decade, and many of our biggeest and brightest stars were discovered at one of conferences. Commercial and silver screen actors, Christian and Connor Kramme, had their careers jumpstarted when they attended. Christian was recently featured in CSI: New York, and Connor has appeared on several episodes of Nickelodeon’s Icarly. Lauren Storm, whose recent projects include The Roommate and Munger Road, was another Barbizon alumni who attended an IMTA conference and made is big! Model Katrina Hoering, who is a favorite of designer Marc Jacobs, is another example of the success that the IMTA can bring! Please don’t wait! The auditions this weekend could be your ticket to stardom! Call (800) 504-3400 today and set up your time and location!

Above is a picture from the last IMTA conference in Los Angeles, CA. Some past IMTA Alum came to cheer on the new talent! (Left to Right: Jeff Braine, Michael Vieut, Connor Kramme, and Christian Kramme)

Another Picture from IMTA LA! This one was taken with Barbizon President Charles Nemes, model Katrina Hunter, and Karen Lee (with the Karen Lee group). (Left to right: Emily F., Charles Nemes, Katrina Hunter, Karen Lee).

There to show support, Barbizon and IMTA alum talent Michael Vieut stands with two new Barbizon contestants Morgan B. and Andi Barton!

Standing with two of the Barbizon alum and IMTA contestants winners, Mayme S. Dylan B. and Jeff Braine with Barbizon Midwest President Charles Nemes.

Both the contestants and guests had a blast at the LA conference! Don't miss out on your chance for the experience of a lifetime! Call today to set up and audition time & place!

(800) 504-3400

This weekend the IMTA will be in Chicago, IL on Saturday and Bloomington, Minnesota on Sunday. Times are filling up fast so call in ASAP! Miss April Baker, a Hollywood manager, scout, and acting coach, will be flying in specifically for the weekend to host the auditions! The chance to audition in front of an actual agent is a rare and exciting opportunity, anyone intersted in seeing a gage on their talent should call for a time at once! Ms. Baker is a representative of Stagecoach enterntainment and personally coached the Kramme brothers who can be seen above. Please take advantage of this exclusive chance and book your time today!

This is your last chance to sign up for the Experience of a Lifetime! Times are limited so call now!

(800) 504-3400

January 28th
The Westin Chicago
400 Park Boulevard
Itasca, IL 60143
January 29th
Ramada Mall of America
2300 East American Boulevard
Bloomington, MN 55425