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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Barbizon Midwest and Secret Tag Team: Hey Bullies, Go wash Up! Mean Stinks!

Yet again we have a Barbizon Midwest grad taking a stand against bullies!! Schaumburg Grad Grace Juriga was recently selected for a Secret national campaign entitled “Mean Stinks.” It was a monumental effort on the part of Secret Deodorant to start a national movement against bulling. Mean Stinks now has a Facebook, and Youtube page, a line of t-shirts and thousands of followers; Girls telling stories about their experiences in being bullied and girls apologizing for their behavior. This campaign isn’t about selling a stick of deodorant it’s about bringing people together, and we at Barbizon are so proud of Grace for her involvement.

Above, we have posted a video of the commercial, and encourage everyone to take part in Mean Stinks! Grace is the girl at 1:54.