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Monday, November 21, 2011

Here She Comes Again! Barbizon Midwest Presents…Katrina!

You know who she is, how could you not? This past year Barbizon Midwest-Schaumburg talent Katrina has been almost everywhere a young and gorgeous model could want to be; Milan, New York City, Paris, London. She been in fashion shoots and shows all over the globe!

In June, donning a fabulous outfit from the Louis Vuitton spring collection, she appeared on the cover of Velvet magazine. A favorite of Marc Jacobs She was also featured in their Fall/Winter 2011 fashion show in NYC and has also been booked in another show for the company in early 2012.Recently she was used in another event profiling the work of clothing designer Charlotte Ronson. The show was profiled, with pictures, in The New York Times!

She’s always in something, and we just wanted to share a little of her success with you! Below you will find recent shots of Katrina, taken by Evan Browning. Enjoy! And, as always, stay in touch! There’s going to be more of Katrina to come!

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