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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Barbizon Midwest’s Karena Steir Stops Traffic!

Stilettos are perfect for the runway. Their sleek and sexy look can give a confident look to any woman, but when Barbizon Instructor Karena Steir donned a pair of these 4 inch heels on October 21st, it defiantly wasn’t for a fashion show. The model and actress completed the 13.1 mile Des Moines Half Marathon wearing a very stylish pair of strappy black stilettos.

Definitely not the most practical kind of footwear for such an adventure, but it was for a good cause. Steir is an avid advocate against human trafficking, and she felt that the marathon was a perfect platform on which to send a message. Strutting confidently down the pavement in her heels, and bold “Girls Are Not For Sale” t-shirt (above), Steir set a precedent with every step.

“I got passed by almost everyone in the half marathon and half of the people in the full marathon, but I didn’t care—that just meant more people got to see my shirt."
-Karena Steir

Steir began her career after competing in the IMTA at the age of 16. During high school and college she landed numerous acting and modeling opportunities, and then decided to test her luck in the City of Angels. There Karena broke into the other side of modeling industry as an agent. After seven years in Los Angeles Karena decided move back home, and currently instructs classes for Barbizon Midwest in Des Moines, Omaha, and Kansas City.

“While I still enjoy modeling/acting, my true passion in teaching! My biggest success stories come from personal growth I see in my students and the heartfelt messages I get from their parents.”
-Karena Steir

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