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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Barbizon Midwest and Royal Model & Talent: Testimonial

I would like to thank Royal Model & Talent for the many years of support to my son Alexander Ainoo. There have been auditions for movies and commercials as well. The real excitement came when Alex was actually cast as an extra for a movie and then a major role in a couple of commercials. He has appeared in print ads and fashion shows with Sears. Alex has also appeared in a commercial with the Big Ten College Football League for two consecutive years (Big Ten Fan Camp). The people at Big Ten love Alex and said that they will follow up with him in the future for projects. Alex recently appeared along side Larmarr Woodley of the Pittsburgh Stealers. Alex was an extra in a Ron Howard Movie, which was really exciting to be on the set of a movie. We have a great working relationship with Paige Ehlman, who is our contact for auditions and bookings. Alex also appeared on the agency’s post card for a couple of years and it was exciting to hear feedback from people that received those cards in the mail.

Also thanks to Royal, Alex was exposed to other agencies by appearing in a fashion show that was sponsored by Royal. Because of this connection, Alex has appeared in numerous print ads, Bible Baptist Press (vacation bible school books). The American Library Association (catalogs) and Alex was featured on a bill board for Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and a company documentary. This is just to name a few.

Thanks Royal

Nina Ainoo, parent of Alexander Ainoo

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