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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


For the past several years, Barbizon Midwest has been selected to experience a day in the life of a principal. The event is called “Principal for the Day” and this year our representative was the beautiful and talented motivational speaker Ms. Janee Lester.

Janee attended Chicago Talent Development High School, a charter career and college preparatory school located in Chicago, IL. This particular school is part of Mayor Daley’s focused educational initiative, which involves lots of community, city and higher education funding/assistance.

Janee’s day went a little like this….First she met with the “real” principal, Ms. Bernina Norton. Principal Norton explained the curriculum, initiatives, goals and challenges of the school. From there, Janee was introduced to the entire staff, including the CEO, assistant principal and several executives who were visiting from City Year and John Hopkins Business School.

Janee, “Principal Norton was very gracious and receptive to my visit.”

The rest of the day included Janee shadowing the entire freshman and sophomore classes, where she was introduced, gave a few words about Barbizon Midwest, her background and some motivational words of wisdom. Janee, “The students were truly open, excited and enthusiastic.”

The day ended with a wonderful Principal for a Day Reception at Navy Pier, where our own Chicago Mayor Daley was in attendance.

Janee, “It was a great experience. I'm looking foward to setting up a mentoring initiative or something similar with this school for the future.”

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