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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

“MY LIFE SINCE BARBIZON,” written by Barbizon Midwest grad, Karlee Nimmer

To the teachers and staff of Barbizon School of Modeling and Acting:

It is my great pleasure when someone asks me where I got my “start”; I can proudly say that it all started at Barbizon! I am so thankful I took advantage of this great opportunity presented to me back in 2006 when I attended my very first Barbizon class. My wonderful instructors: Ashley Thomas, Cyrilla Pond, and Sarah Luedtke were always full of energy and inspiration. They shaped me to be the person I am today, and I'm so thankful for everything that my teachers and the entire Barbizon staff have done for me.

Although it's been 4 years since I graduated from my Barbizon class in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, I've never forgotten the lessons and training I've been taught. I've been privileged to pass on these great lessons to other aspiring models; one of which will be traveling to Tokyo next summer to embark on an international modeling career. Because of Barbizon, I've had countless opportunities to model in print ads, commercial advertisements and fashion shows not only locally in Wisconsin, but in Europe as well. In October 2011, I will be traveling to Ireland with Visuelle Productions to model in their annual international modeling tour.

But modeling and acting jobs are not the only gifts I've received from Barbizon. Barbizon has given me the confidence to perform in front of many people, the courage to bring out the best in others and the communication skills to succeed in every day life. Six years ago at my Barbizon graduation, I auditioned and was chosen to sing a musical selection for the talent section of the ceremony. Now a junior in high school, I'm proud to say I've recently had the privilege to perform the National Anthem at a Milwaukee Brewer's baseball game.

Since Barbizon, I've recently been able to travel to Nashville to participate in the Future Business Leaders of America Public Speaking competition, where I placed 6th out of the top 68 competitors in the nation. I've also had the opportunity to start my very own community project, “Pencils with a Purpose”, which donates school supplies to low-income families and schools locally and nationally ( My most recent accomplishment was being crowned the 2010 National American Miss Wisconsin Jr. Teen. It is my honor to represent the great state of Wisconsin for the next year! After being crowned, I was awarded with a $2,000 scholarship to attend one of the most prestigious modeling schools in the United States. Can you guess which school the scholarship was for? BARBIZON of course!

In closing, Barbizon does so many great things for so many people. Although it is a modeling and acting school, the amazing teachers and curriculum provide so many great life lessons that will never be forgotten. Again, thank you so much again for everything Barbizon has taught me! I appreciate it so much!

God Bless!

Karlee Nimmer

Thanks Karlee for your wonderful letter to Barbizon. Your kind words are much appreciated. Keep up all your hard work and success, and keep us updated!

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