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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Barbizon's Rebecca Potts Sings With Train!

Barbizon's very own Rebecca Potts recently had the chance of a lifetime when she got to sing onstage at a concert for the hit band Train!  Rebecca, a 2009 Barbizon graduate from Pennsylvania,  recorded a cover of the song "Bruises" and sent it to Train on Twitter.  The song is supposed to be a duet with the singer Ashley Monroe, but she was unable to accompany them on the tour. Train loved Rebecca's version and quickly messaged her to ask if she'd be coming to any upcoming concerts, and they asked her to sing the song with them in front of nearly 14,000 people at the concert at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia!

Rebecca said of the experience, "I wanted to thank you for all of the experience and training that Barbizon gave me... I have certainly used it!"  After several interviews with local newspapers and news stations, not only was Rebecca's talent for singing obvious, but so was her professionalism!  She said, "My mom commented on how natural I am at interviews and I believe that my training at Barbizon gave me the confidence and poise that I need to nail them!  Thank you so much!"  Rebecca is sure to have many more great opportunities in the future!  In the meantime, click the link below to check out her duet onstage with Train!