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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Barbizon Midwest's Annika Sheaff Dances Her Way Onto "America's Got Talent!"

Barbizon Midwest's Annika Sheaff, a Julliard graduate and accomplished dancer, was on the hit NBC show "America's Got Talent" on Monday, July 2!  She performed as a featured dancer for the magic act performed by the duet Jarrett and Raja.  Her dancing skills were well-received, and she definitely proved her right to be on a show all about finding the best of the best in America!  Here's Annika in her costume for the show.

Monday night's show was not Annika's first run on America's Got Talent.  She performed with the dance company Pilobolus as a featured dancer on the show last year as well!  Currently, Annika is working as a part-time performer and a choreographer for dance projects.  With all her great Barbizon training, Annika has turned her talent for dance into an art where she gets to tour the world with dance companies like Pilobolus and star on national television!  Skills, talent and experience like these mean Annika is headed to the top!