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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Teen Model Spotlight on Sarah Marie Smith!

Sarah Marie Smith
Barbizon Midwest of Kalamazoo
Sarah Marie Smith graduated from Barbizon Midwest of Kalamazoo on February 3, 2013. We recently noticed on Facebook how much work Sarah had been doing, so we contacted her to hear all about her journey from Barbizon Midwest to the present!

Sarah's Barbizon Midwest Experience

"Thanks to Barbizon Midwest I gained knowledge about how to audition, on better nail, hair, and skin care, and how to walk a runway - along with different modeling and runway poses. For example, the C-pose, S-pose, and the European walk/pose!"

Sarah's Work Since Graduating Barbizon Midwest

In early June we shared a casting call for the film "A Matter of Faith." Sarah attended the casting and now you can watch for her when the film releases!

Sarah Marie Smith on set of the film "A Matter of Faith"

Sarah Marie Smith with Clarence Gilyard Jr.

Sarah Marie Smith with Jay Pickett

Sarah comments, "I have also done formal wear photo shoots for Party Time Formals, photo shoots for Coachlite Cutters, and right now I am continuing to model for Party Time Formals!'" 

Sarah Marie Smith
Having recently competed in "The National American Miss" pageant, we want to send Sarah a huge congratulations on winning FOUR awards! She received a 'State Finalist' trophy, a 'Spirit of America' trophy, a ribbon for 'Top Model Search,' and a 'Photogenic' ribbon!

Sarah Marie Smith
National American Miss Pageant

Sarah's Advice for our Students and Graduates

Sarah Marie Smith
Barbizon Midwest of Kalamazoo
"I would definitely have to say to Barbizon graduates and current attendees - be yourself. Go out there and grab onto your dreams! Have confidence in everything you do. Don't let go of what's important to you just to get a job! Act interested and fun at auditions, castings, and work! Always be willing to try new things, you may go out of your comfort zone, but that's great! If it hurts, you are doing it right!!"

Sarah, it's hard to believe you graduated from Barbizon just 5 months ago. You have accomplished so much in such a short time and it a joy for us to see the success you have earned. You are an inspiration to all that with training, hard work, and dedication it is possible to achieve your dreams. We can't wait to see where life's journey takes you next. We know it's a bright future ahead and look forward to watching you shine!

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