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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spotlight on Rising Star Lauren Elyse Buckley!

Lauren Elyse Buckley
Barbizon Midwest Schaumburg Grad
Lauren Elyse Buckley graduated in 2005 from Barbizon Midwest's Schaumburg location. Originally from Chicago, Lauren made the leap to Los Angeles and is now represented by Golan and Blumberg. Although extremely busy with acting and college, Lauren generously took the time to tell us about her Barbizon Midwest experience!

What did Barbizon Midwest do for you?

"I was only in fifth grade when I attended classes, but most of what I gained from it was confidence and comfort when getting up in front of a group of peers. I had one theatre at school and acting camps, but always had terrible stage fright. I was more comfortable in my own skin after attending Barbizon Midwest."

What have you been doing since graduating Barbizon Midwest?

"Since moving to Los Angeles a few months ago, I have done many short films, webseries, and even a feature film that will come out this fall. I am also a full time college student studying acting and screenwriting."

What advice would you offer to current Barbizon Midwest students and graduates?

"This is a very competitive and difficult industry to work in. The most important thing is to never give up on yourself. If acting is your greatest passion, never let anything or anyone stand in your way!"

Lauren, we are so proud of your academic and industry achievements and look forward to your continued scholarly and acting success! You definitely have a bright future ahead!

Check out Lauren Elyse Buckley!

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