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Monday, April 22, 2013

Miss Nebraska USA 2012's Volunteering & Modeling Advice!

Amy Spilker
Miss Nebraska USA 2012
Barbizon Midwest graduate Amy Spilker, Miss Malcom USA, was crowned Miss Nebraska USA 2012. This 5'8 model also won the People's Choice Award! Not only is Amy studying hard at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, majoring in advertising and public relations, with a minor in marketing, she has done commendable volunteer work.

Amy was born and raised in the small town of Malcolm, Nebraska, which consisted of only 400 people. She was thrilled to go back to her old elementary and middle schools to speak to the students.

"I loved getting to talk to the students about dreaming big and working hard to accomplish their goals. All of the kids were so excited and couldn't believe it when I told them I went to the same school and had all of the same teachers. I love being from a very small community and being a role model to them!"

As Special Olympic sponsors we are so proud of Amy for attending the 7th annual Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics of Nebraska, which raised $56,890!

Amy Spilker at the Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics of Nebraska

"This event was definitely one I will not forget. I am a big supporter of the Special Olympics so this event was very meaningful to me. All of the proceeds from the Polar Plunge event went to support more than 4,000 intellectually disabled athletes who are a part of the Special Olympics of Nebraska. Helping to raise money for such a worthy cause made the freezing plunge definitely worth it and I would recommend giving it a try!"

Amy also emceed the American Girl Fashion Show for the Junior League of Omaha. The fashion show is a fundraiser for the Junior League and helps to benefit their children's project.

Amy Spilker at The American Girl Fashion Show for the Junior League of Omaha

"American Girl promotes celebrating a girl's inner star and I think that is such a great message. The girls did such a great job modeling the dolls and it was a great afternoon. I enjoyed getting to talk to the girls and sign autographs for them."

Amy contacted us in September to thank us for "An incredible, life-changing experience!" She stated, "I was so shy and quiet when I attended my first class and with each class gained the confidence to pursue my dreams."

Amy's Advice for Barbizon Midwest Students/Graduates

"I hope I can inspire others and especially Barbizon Midwest students since many seem to think that unless you move across the country you can't pursue modeling and acting, which is simply untrue. There are several rewarding midwest markets and pageants and Barbizon Midwest can open those doors."

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