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Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Fav: Hooked on a Feeling!

Sara Niemietz
BJ Thomas' newest album release includes the song "Hooked on a Feeling" featuring 20 year-old Broadway and soundtrack phenom Sara Niemietz. Sara first sang this classic - a Top Ten pop hit from 1968 - with Thomas years earlier, when she was invited by the singer, at the age of 4, to join him onstage for her first public appearance ever!

Sara is a Barbizon Midwest of Schaumburg graduate!

Check it out! BJ Thomas 1997 concert in Wheeling, IL 
"First taste of the stage - and I've loved it ever since!" - Sara Niemietz
We absolutely love watching the video from back then and listening to the duo now!! Such a treat!

Give it a listen (Track 10) and purchase if you like! We did!

 For More on Sara:

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