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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ford Model Samantha Drew

Samantha Drew
Samantha Drew's modeling career began at Barbizon Midwest Michigan location, when she was 15 years old. At age 16 Samantha competed at IMTA and received over 30 callbacks! However, tragedy struck Samantha the day she returned from IMTA with the tragic loss of her younger sister in a snowmobile accident.

You may recall her empowering story:
From Grief to Grace

Samantha's inner strength and beauty is shining brighter than ever!

Samantha is currently represented by Ford Models. Ford Models Inc., founded in 1946 by legendary fashion-industry pioneers Eileen and Jerry Ford, is the leading global management company for fashion talent within the model, photography, stylist, and hair and make up artist communities. 

Check out Samantha's portfolio with Ford Models:

Here are a few of Samantha's recent photos we felt inspired to share!

Ford Model Samantha Drew
Justin Clynes

Ford Model Samantha Drew
Kevin White

Ford Model Samantha Drew
Landa Designs

Ford Model Samantha Drew
Nuru Kimondo

For more on Samantha Drew:

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