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Monday, March 4, 2013

Spotlight on Sabrina Dungan!

Sabrina Dungan
Barbizon Midwest of Detroit's, Sabrina Dungan, began working in the film industry in 2008 as a Background Performer/Stand-In. Doing so, sparked her interest in working behind the scenes. Starting from the bottom, Sabrina found work as a Production Assistant on small projects and actually worked her way up to commercials and television shows. 

From March 2010-Aug. 2011, Sabrina received on set training as an actress while shooting several shorts for Paramore Films. She has also gained experience from her multiple background roles for films such as: Red Dawn, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, S.W.A.T.:Firefight, and Freaky Deaky. She began work as an actress for the i GROUP Talent Agency in August 2010 and has performed in three music videos including: "Party" J.Cole featuring Beyonce, "C'mon Let Me Ride" Skylar Grey Featuring Eminem, and "Out of Mind" B.O.B. featuring Nicki Minaj.


Sabrina stars in the independent film, Innocent Victim, releasing in 2013, and just finished working as a production assistant on So You Think You Can Dance. She is currently employed behind the scenes by Seventy7 Productions, and as a model and actress for the i Group Talent Agency and Productions-Plus/The Talent Shop. 

Sabrina absolutely loves P.A. work and is dedicated to every project she works on. Her current goal is to become an Assistant Director, though she has not given up acting. Whether behind, or in front of the camera, this is NOT the last you'll see of Sabrina Dungan!

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