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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Barbizon Midwest "Type"

Marilou Venglarcik
Lately, we have been receiving many questions regarding what "type" of person you need to be to attend Barbizon Midwest. So, we thought it might be a good idea to let one of our graduates speak about their Barbizon Midwest experience. Marilou Venglarcik graduated from Barbizon Midwest of Michigan in June 2012 and we were able to reconnect with her via twitter. Marilou was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions   for us. Hopefully, Marilou's responses will let YOU (out there wondering about us) understand exactly who we are.

What did Barbizon Midwest do for you?

"Before Barbizon Midwest I wasn't completely comfortable with myself. I was scared to get up in front of a crowd and I was also scared to be my true self.

Marilou Venglarcik

Barbizon Midwest taught me so much. It taught me that every girl is beautiful in their own way. Going to Barbizon Midwest made me be able to speak confidently in front of a crowd, it made me feel happy with myself and taught me valuable life lessons."

What have you been doing since graduating Barbizon Midwest?

"After Barbizon Midwest, Diane Dandrea came to my school to promote a free college scholarship, after we talked for a bit she really liked me and saw that I graduated from Barbizon Midwest. She offered me a job to help promote the scholarship in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Briarwood Mall. I worked for her from the time she started the stand, until the last day of us being there."

How did you like working with Barbizon Midwest?

"I really enjoyed working for the college scholarship. I got to speak with very nice and interesting people while promoting such an amazing scholarship. I can't wait until another job offering from Barbizon Midwest comes up, because I know I will most definitely take the job. It is so fun and I love explaining to girls that no matter your race, size, or anything you can be a model if you believe in yourself."

What advice would you offer to current Barbizon Midwest students and graduates?

"All I can say to students graduating from Barbizon Midwest is to keep doing it. Barbizon is not only an amazing modeling and talent agency to work with, but they will help you succeed in life. 

Barbizon Midwest is something I am glad I got to do. I met and am still meeting amazing people from Barbizon. You ARE beautiful, and Barbizon Midwest will show you that you are!

Honestly, I am more than grateful for being able to work for and attend Barbizon Midwest. I feel so much happier with my appearance and my speaking. Barbizon Midwest is something I have recommended to people and will continue to do."

Marilou, thank you for not only taking the time to answer our questions, but for your genuine openness and honesty. YOU are truly a beautiful person, inside and out, and we are so proud that you now have the confidence to realize it. We are always here for you and look forward to our future work together!

We hope this gives you readers some more insight into Barbizon Midwest and what we are all about. 

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