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Thursday, February 28, 2013

MOORE Model Success!

Mackenzie Moore
Mackenzie Moore, originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, graduated from Barbizon Midwest in October 2011 from the Detroit, Michigan location when she was 16 years-old. Though it has only been a little over a year since graduating, Mackenzie has been extremely busy. We were most impressed to hear that after attending IMTA in the summer of 2012, Mackenzie studied hard and graduated high school early. After the first trimester of her senior year, Mackenzie made the plunge to move to New York City, signing with Model Management Group (MMG), and walking in New York City's Fashion Week.

Mackenzie graciously took the time from her busy schedule to check-in with us about her experiences and where her exciting journey has taken her.

"So Mackenzie, what was it like attending Barbizon Midwest?"

"I remember learning leassons from all the GREAT teachers there: Ms. Heather Woolweaver, Ms. Robbie Lavine, and Ms. Tene Dismuke. I still have managed to keep in contact with them till this day. The Barbizon classes were the first place where I learned how to properly walk the runway. The graduation show was the first time that I actually walked a runway too. It was so much fun!!"

"From my Barbizon Midwest experience, I gained knowledge about the industry. I didn't know a thing about how it all worked when I started the classes.

It also gave me the desire to continue in this industry. When I started I knew that it seemed like a fun thing to do, but I had no idea how much I was really going to love it.

I realize this has been said a million times, but I did make some great friends at Barbizon. I am even planning on moving into an apartment here in New York City with one of the other Barbizon students in about a month. Barbizon gave me confidence. There really isn't much more to that. It made me realize that with dedication and drive I have a chance of making it in the modeling world."

"What has life been like since graduating from Barbizon Midwest?"

"Model Management Group (MMG) gave me a contract with PLITZS Fashion Marketing. From there, I went to audition with them for NYC Fashion Week... and made it! I got to walk in an emerging designers showcase in NYC Fashion Week! 

I ended up walking for four different designers: Wing Wang by Hao Wang (from Beijing, China), Dangseng Li from Ying Sheng International Art Center (in Beijing, China), Punk Rock Betty Designs, and Live Live Love Life by Steiner Woodruffe. It was such an incredible experience. Walking in NYC Fashion Week had been a dream of mine for as long as I could remember. None of it would have been possible without Barbizon!"

Check out Mackenzie Moore strutting her stuff for Punk Rock Betty Designs in NYC Fashion Week!

Model Management Group Vice President, Aviva Skall, had nothing but praise for Mackenzie on her Facebook Timeline stating, "Congrats to my newest Model Mackenzie Moore on booking the PLITZ designer expo for NYC FASHION WEEK!!! We met Mackenzie at IMTA last summer. She moved to NY last week and is already booking high profile work!!"
Mackenzie Moore
Stunning Photo with FB post by
MMG Vice President Aviva Skall

"Wow Mackenzie! With all of your success, what guidance could you offer current Barbizon Midwest students/graduates pursuing a career in the industry?"

"The advice that I would offer current Barbizon Midwest students is that Barbizon can be just the beginning of your career, not the end, if you want it to be. Don't give up easily. You will get a lot of "No's" in this industry. You can't let that discourage you. If this is really something you want to do then keep at it."

Check out this link to Mackenzie Moore's Profile Page with MMG. (This is what all the casting directors and clients get to see to help them decide if they want to bring Mackenzie in for a casting)

MMG's Mackenzie Moore 

Mackenzie, congratulations from all of us at Barbizon Midwest! We are so proud of you and all your success and it was fabulous hearing from you. Please keep in touch as you continue on your exciting life journey!

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