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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just Going with Brendon Eggertsen

Brendon Eggertsen
Barbizon Midwest graduate Brendon Eggertsen was born Vitale Malenkov in Chisinau, Moldova on May 16, 1996. (Moldova is a very small former Soviet Republic with 4 million citizens that is located just west of the Black Sea.) Before he turned one, he became Brendon Hale Eggertsen living with his adoptive parents, Robin and John, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Everyone in Brendon's family felt that because he was so photogenic he should try out for modeling. When he turned 11 years-old, Brendon was accepted by Barbizon Midwest Modeling & Talent. This lead his to paid commercial shoots in Michigan and some runway work for clothing stores. The next logical step was to prepare for and attend the annual International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) competition in Los Angeles for a week during January 20008.

The IMTA competition is a chance for thousands of kids to perform and compete in front of hundreds of talent agents, personal managers, casting directors, network representatives, and music producers who judge IMTA competitions while searching for new models, actors, singers, and dancers to work in the fashion and entertainment industries.

Brendon Eggertsen in "Just Go With It"
Brendon did so well that his current manager, Julie Abrams of Dreamscope Entertainment in California asked to represent him. She asked if they were prepared to move to LA. So, some decisions had to be made. The daunting commitment wasn't made right away, but when Brendon landed a role in a Michigan produced feature film ("Take Me Away"), Brendon and his family decided to take the plunge. Since then, he has spent 10 months a year in LA with his mom and two months back in Ann Arbor with both parents.
Brendon with Adam Sandler
"Just Go With It"

Brendon with Bailee Madison
"Just Go With It"
Brendon has been busy continuing his training in acting, voice over, drumming, and stunt related things. He recalls two jobs thus far being tied for his favorite. The Adam Sandler film "Just Go With It" where Brendon got to meet his idol, Adam Sandler. His other favorite is the Etnies Middle school project that can be found on where he got to meet Ryan Schekler.

Aside from guest appearing on shows like "The Mentalist" Brendon's most recent appearance was as Derrick in the film "Paranormal Activity 4." Currently, Brendon is filming "Pass the Light," set to release in 2013. He will portraying Francis.
Brendon with Simon Baker "The Mentalist"

Brendon began banging on things at a very early age and still enjoys doing so. He has been playing the drums since age 10, when he played in his school band. He has been playing in a couple of bands since moving to LA with his mom in 2008 to pursue his love of acting. Brendon enjoys listening and playing all types of music. He continues to take lessons so he can become the best drummer he can be and feel like he found a true home with "LIKE OUR LAST" and looks forward to the future and all life's possibilities.

Best of luck Brendon and we can't wait for "Pass the Light" to release!

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