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Monday, November 5, 2012

Martyn Hale: No Luck. Achieving by Believing!

Martyn Hale
"It all started with Barbizon Midwest, and my grandparents," according to Michigan graduate Martyn Hale. "My grandma always told me there is a reason for everything. People are going to laugh at you and you have to always keep believing even when nobody will believe in you and just have fun, because if you don't enjoy the struggles, you won't enjoy the successes."

Martyn is certainly one to persevere through the struggles and be thankful for the successes. He just visited his family and friends in Michigan this past weekend and was kind enough to spend some time talking with us.

Martyn Hale
Performing at Flappers Comedy Club
"Being back in Michigan helps serve as a reminder of where I came from. Things can be real rough and a struggle at times, which prompts me to do some big things with helping out when I get the chance. There are some huge and crazy things going on right now, but until they come through I am keeping it a secret and in the hands of God."

Martyn's positive outlook resonates, inspiring all those around him. He has been persistent with his auditions, finding quite creative ways to get to them. "I don't have a car, so I've been renting a U-Haul to get to my auditions, or walking just to keep at it and try to break in," explains Martyn. He continues, "I believe I have 'it,' I just need that one opportunity."

The talent industry can be an intimidating and scary career choice. Martyn explains, "When I moved to L.A. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I took the risk."

Martyn has a lot of heart and as he says, "Sacrificed what I once was for what I wanted to become!"

We recognize it can be difficult to decide to commit to do what is best for you. For Martyn, as for the majority of us, it took a great amount of maturity to realize it was time to change. "I gave up partying and the life young kids go through."

Martyn Hale
Nike Commercial
with Blake Griffin
Martyn Hale
Nike Commercial

We are proud to recognize the fighter in Martyn and the ambition to never give up. Martyn has certainly had his share of ups and downs. He once worked at a restaurant where the Chef was unaware of his as well as the other employees names. This upset Martyn and he felt the need to speak up about the lack of respect, which unfortunately cost him his job (which he was working six days a week).

"The next day I went to church and praised God with my best friend Brandon," states Martyn. The following day he received a call that he booked a Pilot called 'Roflsaurus.' It filmed a month ago and has not yet been picked up, but in his typical style Martyn will keep fighting and moving forward.

Martyn Hale on set for "Coldwater"

Martyn spent a few weeks in the mountains of California filming a new movie,"Coldwater," set to release in 2013. For Martyn, "The best thing about it was meeting new people and making new friends."

Martyn Hale "Loopz" Mattel Commercial
Martyn also had a lot of fun on a one-day shoot for a Mattel commercial. "I hope they were happy with everything and hopefully I can work with them again," stated Martyn.


Martyn Hale has a movie, "The Shift," set to release soon. The film is directed by Lee Cipolla and stars Leonel Olivia, Casey Fitzgerald, and Danny Glover.

Martyn Hale and Tom Phelan II
"Marty's Call"

"When I talk to people I NEVER use the WORD 'Good luck.' I do not like the words. When someone says it to me, I feel that person does not firmly believe 100% in my abilities. What's wrong is nobody believes in one another. This is NOT a sporting event or game, so you don't wish people good luck. It's life. Seeing is NOT believing, but believing is HOW you will SEE!"

Martyn Hale on set

"Believing is achieving. Although you don't always get the auditions you want, as long as you believe you did your best, then it's their loss for not choosing you." Martyn laughs as he relays, "It's bad, but once I leave an audition, I believe if I don't get the role or at least a part, then it's probably not going to sell. So I just move onto the next audition, continuing to have fun."

"Auditions are still scary for me, so auditions are what I am constantly working on."

"Special thanks go out to my grandparents and my Manager Terrie for always believing in me. And to Barbizon, where it all started."

Martyn Hale
"I have a lot of heart and have sacrificed what I was for what
I will become by 'believing is achieving.'"
Well, Martyn it was truly a pleasure speaking with you. Your optimism and faith are empowering, not only to yourself, but also to those around you. You will not hear good luck from us, because we already have 100% faith in your abilities and so look forward to your future work.

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