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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Barbizon Midwest Reviews Sierra Powell: Blog 3 of Series!

Sierra Powell
Barbizon Midwest graduate Sierra Powell has been quite busy working and studying lately. She is currently a freshman at Purdue University majoring in Apparel Design & Technology with a double minor in Art and Spanish, and is most excited to study abroad in Spain for a year in order to become fluent in Spanish. Still, she was able to take some time to let us know how she's been doing since graduating Barbizon.

"A recent booking I had with Royal is a commercial print ad for Wilson's Sporting Goods that will appear in their 2013 softball catalog." Sierra continues, "I was also an extra for a Sanford Brown College commercial and played as a medical assistant. The commercial will appear nationally at the beginning of next year. I have done countless jobs and booked several jobs over these past couple of years because of Royal."

We were most impressed to hear of Sierra's volunteer work with her church. "I was the assistant sales director, helping out in an orphanage while visiting Mexico, and donating books to young mothers with small children," Sierra explains.

Sierra's favorite experience with Barbizon comes from I.M.T.A. 2011, when she placed top 5 in three categories. "I was just amazed at how far I had come since I started Barbizon at age 15."

Sierra, we were so proud of you then and even prouder to see now how much you have accomplished. Thanks so much for checking in with us and we look forward to your future endeavors!

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