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Monday, June 11, 2012

Barbizon Midwest's Hope Hite is a Hit at Her Indiana Commercial and Photo Shoot!

Barbizon Midwest's Hope Hite is fresh out of Indiana and ready to take on the world!  This confident, talented young model and actress just wrapped a photo and commercial shoot for the Indianapolis Children's Museum, where she was a hit with everyone working!  Her photos will be a feature in the spring issue of Indianapolis Monthly.  The visitor's bureau would also like to use some of the footage for the commercial in some of their ads!  Here's the page from the Indianapolis Monthly featuring Hope!

Hope was such a hit at her shoot that she started it as a family shoot and, by the end, the director made a special segment only starring Hope!  Her mom credits Hope's great professionalism on the set as the product of working with Barbizon, saying Barbizon gave her "the tools to give her confidence and ease in having a successful first experience" on set.  With talent and experience as great as Hope's, there's no telling how many awesome projects this star will do next!