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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Singing a Message: One Barbizon Midwest Grad’s Fight against Cruelty

Breanna Lynn is a Barbizon Midwest musician. Her YouTube channel profiles her original songs, and she has an album coming out in 2012. Most recently Breanna spoke out, or rather sang out, against a huge problem the children of this country are facing. Bullying has become a major issue in schools all over the world. But thanks to the internet it has become easier to speak out against the bully’s in the school system. In response to a video posting on YouTube by a boy who has for a long time been the victim of such attacks, Breanna wrote and produced a song entitled “Loved.” She also posted a 2nd video filled with more encouraging messages for kids whose lives have been affected by bullies. Both Video’s can be viewed below.

This amazing young woman has not just limited her career to singing, she has appeared in Son’s of Tucson and is currently working on the Animated film Dorothy of Oz.


"To Those Who Have Been Bullied"