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Monday, December 20, 2010


Barbizon Midwest has selected Ms. Katelyn Hartsell to be our December Bragger of the Month! Katelyn has reached out to Barbizon Midwest highlighting us on all her amazing achievements over the years. Keep reading because there is more bragging to do!

Katelyn is a Barbizon South Bend graduate that brings spunk and passion to the industry. She will soon be featured in the magazine “Supermodels Unlimited” (The Most Beautiful Edition), which will be released January 2011. “Supermodels Unlimited” is a bi-monthly magazine and the only publication on the teen and women's market that focuses on the entire beauty industry. Each issue is packed with fashion, health and beauty products, entertainment news, modeling advice, amazing photography, celebrities, fitness tips, beauty queens and talent competitions.

Katelyn has also qualified in the top 15 for the National American Miss Jr. Teen IN. She was one of the state’s finalists out of 85 other women!

Other achievements include being selected for auditions in Shakespeare plays around the Chicago area, competing in her high school’s speech team and being selected as a featured guest at Notre Dame University’s benefit for children with Down Syndrome.

Now a little something Katelyn wanted to say,

“Where to begin…Barbizon has changed my life in such a wonderful way! The classes have taught me to be proud of whom I am. From the first day, I knew it was a new beginning for me and for everyone else that was there with me! Barbizon should be a requirement for all teenage girls and boys! The teachers teach you self-confidence, pride and to be beautiful inside and out! On top of learning how to apply make-up as a professional and how to walk the runway, I have met people I will never forget! After a few classes, we all became a family and I still keep contact with everyone today! Barbizon has given me the opportunity to let my talents shine bright to others. I can’t thank Barbizon enough for allowing me to join their school and to make memories that will last forever! Thanks to Barbizon's classes, I will now be featured in the magazine "Supermodels Unlimited!” I can’t thank this school enough for allowing me to chase my dreams! Remember, a smile is worth a thousand words! Smile on!

With Love,

Katelyn Virgina Hartsell

Thank you again Katelyn for updating Barbizon! We are now looking for a January “Bragger of the Month.” To have a feature story on you, send us your updates and achievements to!