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Monday, March 7, 2011

"In New York, where dreams are made of...."

Alicia Keys sang it, but Barbizon Midwest Graduate, Annika Sheaff is living the dream performing at the Joyce Theatre with Pilobolus Dance Theater! For those of you out there who don't know what Pilobolous is - get ready for an explosion of imaginative and athletic exploration of dance! Pilobolus is an outsider dance company and it has evolved into an American cultural institution of the 21st century. (Check it out at!

Annika has had a long journey to get to where she is now, after she attended the Barbizon Schaumburg school near Chicago, IL - she studied at The Juilliard School for 4 years as one of their premier dancers.

After 4 successful years at Julliard, she joined their dance troupe. Pilobolus. Annika has had the privilege to perform all over the world and is currently performing at the Joyce Theatre in NYC, or as Ms. Keys would say "the concrete jungle".

Pilobolus is a Connecticut-based company of choreographers and dancer-athletes committed to developing three original works each year. Way to go Annika!

Below is a video clip of Pilobolus performing, "Shadows of New York".