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Monday, March 14, 2011

Barbizon Schaumburg Graduate is Burning Down the HOUSE!

Barbizon Schaumburg Graduate Dani Muira is on fire! She booked a role on the hit TV show 'HOUSE’ that airs on FOX! Dani's challenging role of playing one of Dr. Gregory Houses' patients as a girl with Muscular Dystrophy was another great opportunity for her to show how talented she is! HOUSE has received two Golden Globe Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards - Dani picked the right house to be apart of!
The work for Dani doesn't stop with Fox, she also booked a role in the Hallmark movie ‘Rock the House’, shot a national AT&T commercial and a National Above the Influence PSA!
Dani's career is heating up! She has had guest star roles on Ghost Whisperer, Jonas, Hannah Montana the Movie, iCarly goes to Japan and Merry Christmas Drake and Josh!
We can't wait to see more from Dani! She is HOT HOT HOT!

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